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Baneheia – was convicted of new information in the case


Test trial: Jan Helge Andersen was sentenced to death in 2016. The picture is from 2001.
Test trial: Jan Helge Andersen was sentenced to death in 2016. The picture is from 2001. Photo: Tore Andre Baardsen / VG


In TV 2's questions, penalty judge Jan Helge Andersen responds where Viggo Kristiansen was found the day before the Baneheia killings.

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Jan Helge Andersen did not answer questions about the so-called Baneheia case after explaining to the court in 2002. He writes TV 2, who has now sent many questions to Andersen.

Viggo Kristiansen and Andersen were sentenced to 21 years in detention and 19 years in prison for rape and killed two girls in eight and ten years.

In the answers TV 2 says Andersen, as was investigated in 2016, where Kristiansen would have to be found the day before the murder. He writes that two went to a specific path in Baneheia and that they went down to a gas station.

Andersen also writes that he cares for the youngest of the two girls while Kristiansen committed offenses, according to the channel.

Kristiansen, for his part, has always claimed to be innocent.

Kristiansen to VG: "I am the most hated man in Norway

– Listen to a conversation

In relation to Andersen's replies he also seems that his father should have heard Kristiansen speak to Andersen about the case – two months before being arrested.

Andersen's father should have heard the conversation after an interrogation involving an episode of a frog. According to his father Kristiansen has said the following:

"If you confess, Jan Helge, then I will deny the rest of my life and I will blame you forever."

Former investigator leader Arne Pedersen and defender Viggo Kristiansen, Arvid Sjødin, say that TV 2 that the information is completely new to the case.

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Last year came the book "The Kills in Baneheia". Author and journalist Bjørn Olav Jahr believes that Kristiansen has served 17 years in prison for murder and rape that he has not committed.

The author believes, among other things, that the explanations for Andersen are "full of inaccuracies and inconsistencies."

– I have never spoken to this writer. He never sent me a personal request to do it. I strongly address this, Andersen told VG last autumn.

His family reacts strongly in the book. Apart from the allegations that the son was alone in the murder, Berit Andersen's mother believes the book gives privacy to both the Kristiansen family and themselves.

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Request for processing in 2019

The two girls found rape and were killed in Baneheia in May 2000. Two years later, Andersen and Kristiansen were convicted.

Andersen gave both murder and rape and explained that Kristiansen was not only involved but was the guide of all. The court highlighted Andersen's explanation.

There is no technical evidence against Kristiansen, and it was mainly judged as a result of the Andersen patent.

In the summer, Kristiansen has asked for the sixth time to repeat the case, and Arvid Sjødin's attorney confirmed that a resume request was filed with the Re-operational Committee for Criminal Matters.

Earlier this month, the Reconstruction Committee announced P4 that the application will be processed only the following year.

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