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Dreaming for the World Cup after surprise at Beitostølen


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Kristine Stavås Skistad surprised many when he became the second at sprint at Beitostølen on Saturday.

BEITOSTØLEN (Nettavisen): "Basically, I hope to come to the World Cup.

This is what Kristine Stavås Skistad (19) at Nettavisen has entered in an impressive second place behind Maiken Caspersen Falla at sprint at Beitostølen on Saturday.

– It was funny. I always believed myself, so I hoped to be there, but it was a bit heavy last year, so you never know, "Skistad said.

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Better on the preface

Stavas Skistad was the best of all in the Prologue, but he is more surprised to have participated and fought for victory in the end.

"Prolog may have been my strongest side for the best, so I'm more surprised to be in the finals and I'm on the slopes here. That's good.

CREATING MORE EDUCATION: Kristine Stavås Kristiansen has put a lot on her design and thinks she worked very well.

Terje Pedersen
NTB scanpix

The 19-year-old is a member of the lower national team but has spent much of his training this autumn this fall. It can turn out to work well.

"It's a bit funny, because that year I've been directing my training myself, I've done a lot of myself, that's what I've done to become a good skier, then I manage to track myself and put the program on my own. .

Impressive fall

Maiken Capsersen Falla, who went to the top of Saturday, was impressed with Stavanger Skistad.

"I have heard about Kristine Skistad for many years now, and he has gone to the World Cup, even if he is inferior, he has been involved in a while, NTG instructors have told me that I need to get involved in speed training because they have a very fast girl. This is it.

"It is probably one of the fastest in Norway in a hundred meters and has really made a step now going to the final. It's really good to do as a junior to fight all the way to a finale, then you have good skill as well. follow, "says Falla.

RETURN: Maiken Caspersen Falla impresses with Kristine Stavås Skistad on Saturday.

Terje Pedersen
NTB scanpix

The fall does not preclude Skistad from taking part in the Norwegian sprint team at the Seefeld World Cup in February.

"It's a bit like we got to the World Cup, it was kind of a free space, I feel there is a free space to take sprint into both the World Cup and the World Cup, and it may have been there, it was unbelievably cool. "That's what," explains Falla.

Falla tells Nettavisen that he thinks Skistad deserves an opportunity to appear in the World Cup, and already before Christmas.

– Maybe in Davos. He must at least have the opportunity. When I was younger, I was very pleased to have to go to the world so early. I think she can reach the World Cup just before Christmas if her coaches fit. I would at least recommend doing it, "says Falla at Nettavisen.

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