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Jenny Skavlan is pregnant again


Jenny Skavlan (32) and her husband Thomas "Fingern" Gullestad (37) may be pleased to be parents for the second time.

Skavlan reveals himself in a position at Instagram on Tuesday afternoon.

– The last time I was pregnant, my finger fell 16 pounds as Baalsrud. He works hard hard and this time to steal his physical attention. The baby is expected in the spring and we are very excited, the entire gang, writes.

Along with the text, he has published an image showing the growing child food. In the background you can see the man standing in his arms while trying to steal the woman's attention.

Wishing a "big crowd"

Thomas Gullestad is eager to be Dad again. In a text message that he sees and hears, he writes the following:

"The plan has always been to become a big gang. Now we are on our way, deciding on raising the family.

After childhood became known, the 37-year-old man also shared a humorous message at Instagram. There you can see the show Jenny Skavlan blocking the photographer – who, according to the caption, is the daughter of the couple, Åse (2).

– In the spring, suddenly we become a family of four. I hope the next one will have better photographic skills from the first, Gullestad writes a ghost in the picture.

He was born just after our anniversary

Since then, the married couple, daughter Åse, came in the spring of 2016 – more specifically on April 28, two and a half years ago.

The birthday of the little Åse coincide almost with Jenny's wedding anniversary and "Fingern". The big couple married in the Norwegian design and architecture center in Oslo on April 26, 2014, two years and two days before the daughter came to the world.

At that time, the popular program manager, actor and "stitch" profile gleamed in a self-designed wedding dress that took the breath away from the many deep wedding guests.

It dissolves everyone. She looked absolutely beautiful and started laughing just watching her. So nice, she said, Live Nelvik to Seoghø after the wedding ceremony.

Put on weight

Last Christmas, Thomas Gullestad was a cinematic actor like rival Jan Baalsrud in the big movie "The 12th Man".

Before the premiere he created a number of titles due to the great weight loss that led him – and just as Jenny Skavlan made the fun to announce her childhood presence today.

Gullestad's weight went from 72 to 57 kilograms in eight weeks, and the 37-year-old said about the weight loss of a hit type for the famous war movie last year.

"I would not recommend my worst enemy, it was not fun, and it does not make sense, or it was, but it's just painful and meaningless." A man's life, he told Se, listening to the time.

The married couple also expected Åse's daughter in the worst time of slimming, and Skavlan had to bring much responsibility to the house.

"When Thomas was losing weight, he became very grumpy and weakly weak. I was very excited and needed all the support. A strong man who could transport me. But he was never close. I would rather like to put him, he has previously told Se og Hør.

FILM STARS: Last year, Thomas Gullestad followed the steps of the spouse's actor when he played the lead in
Movie Star: Last year, Thomas Gullestad followed the steps of the spouse's actor when he played the lead in "The 12th Man." Here at the premiere of the festival. Photo: Tore scissors / see and hear
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We said about family life

Native grandchildren are generally quite sparse when it comes to public reporting and have not yet shown the daughter's face to social media.

Earlier this autumn, Skavlan shared the family life, birth and love of her and her husband with her daughter in the podcast "Family Poodle".

In the podcast, Skavlan stated that she had never really had a great desire or a need for children earlier, but that everything changed when she got pregnant and her daughter came to the world.

"I was not so I thought" Oh, I'm looking forward to having a baby, "but then Åse was born and then I became" This is the best and sweetest and most rewarding I ever had "The bowl in the podcast.

"And then I think it's so nice to love someone with his girlfriend, because we're totally crazy about love," he added.

Adulthood: Jenny Skavlan tells "Stian Blipp Show" that life with children, husband and house is hard to get in. "For 19-year-olds, I say" people of our time, "says the South Africans.
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Special first date

In 2016, shortly before the first generation of the couple came to the world, Skavlan shared a light and longer text on her blog about how she met her husband.

He had never heard of "Fingern," but he learned from the Copenhagen studio that he was at the Klovner i Kamp band. After a while, she finally thanked her for her participation on a date when they both lived in Oslo for a weekend.

However, the date turned out to be anything other than Skavlan. Gullstad took her to eat with the others in the band.

Since then, Scablan and Gullead have collapsed and even today, almost eleven years after their first date, they still feel the sense of being new to love.

– New on.

This was where Jenny Skavlan thanked her daughter for the "Family Poodle".

"I thought it was a little shame not to be back in Norwegian again since I've been with Thomas for ten years. I mean we can still love, but the strange love of the newborn came with Åse," he said.

"And to fall in love with Thomas is a double happiness. It was much better than I thought," he said.

The pregnancy itself went smoothly for the popular program leader.

During her pregnancy, Skavlan shared her ideas about her many different social media activities. In Instagram, he has shown baby food in the "Børning 2" recording series – the sequel to the car movie he played a few years ago.

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