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KSU.NO – Ford Fiesta ST


You can even have fun with a car and it does not have to cost you either the patch or the shirt if you choose a car like the Ford Fiesta ST.

Looking for a lot of fun for a nice sum, no one looks more like the Ford Fiesta ST – the tough variation of Ford's fresh little car. ST means that this is a car that not only has a tough style kit, but a Ford that Ford's performance has overtaken. Inside there are proper sports chairs.

Initially, it may seem a little fresh with almost 400,000 for a Fiesta, but that's something completely different from a smart urban car, though it may be. Something that fools in the car. The starting point is a well-run car just over four meters, where four adults and some luggage are alright.

Then it has acquired a multitude of connoisseurs of people who want the car to deliver a lot of smilefjes along the way. Below the hood is a small knot of a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine, which has been blasted with a 200 hp turbo.

There is plenty in a small car.


By comparison, the first GTI cars were 110 horsepower. Of course, it was easier, but it does not affect the fact that there are many muscles in a small package. The zero per cent lasts for 6.5 seconds.

There, the Volkswagen Polo GTI with the same number of horsepower appears as an adult and a stranger, Ford has chosen to go in a different direction. The first thing you notice is the loud noise from the engine and exhaust systems. He kicks and buzzes. Something that feels right. The car tries to tell the driver that he wants to play some speed.

Here's Polo GTI many laugh. Absolutely, it's pretty similar, but the Fiesta ST is a lot of fun. Another important feature is a further distinction between the two cars: Ford has manual gears, while the Polo GTI has an automatic double clutch box.

This makes the Fiesta look much more involved, and the gearbox is very expensive and short. A real gearbox.


Inside, Ford has cleaned up – looks good enough and it also works. The sports seats have very good support and can be lowered to sit properly and low.

The test car also has what is called the "performance package" which includes launch control and, most importantly, a Quaife differential. 200 hp right on the front wheels are basically something that can give a sub-control party, where the car at an angle to the wheels and heavy throttle pull straight ahead. The difference minimizes the problem. It can stand early in the gas on a swing, just unwrap clusters containing go-karts.

How the car without this differential does not know, but for $ 9500 it looks like a result that really can be worth the money.


What you need to prepare is a pretty tight frame, but it does not fight bad. At the same time, a car like this must have moisture and springs that do not bend like a brake when a turn goes. The fact that the distance of the axes is not around the world gives a little stupid experience, but it is never immediately uncomfortable. If you are on a strange journey, you will appreciate that the car has a special trunk.

Successful cars of this kind are some of the best things to keep at the wheel. It is no more ferocious than pushing it on Norwegian roads and the price does not require you to be a Premier League footballer. The Fiesta ST is realistic fun.

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Technical data

  • Ford Fiesta ST
  • Price: 347.000.-
  • Car Test Price: 383,200.-
  • Engine: 3 rolls Petrol. Turbo. 1497 cubic centimeters. 200 hp at 6000 rpm 290 Nm v. 1600 rpm.
  • Ax: 6.5 seconds
  • Overall speed: 232 km / h
  • Consumption: 0.6 l / mil
  • Emissions: 136 g / km CO2. 12 mg / km NOx
  • Luggage space: 311/1093 liters
  • LxBxH: 4068/1735/1941 mm
  • Specific weight: 1208 kg

+ Plus

  • excitement
  • Motor
  • The price – after all

– Minus

  • It's not great, but the comfort shows that the car has sports support.

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