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New frustration of Norwegian jump: – Boys have been affected since yesterday



For the second consecutive day, there was a heavy Norwegian day on the ground. Johann André Forfang (23) was the best Norwegian in tenth place. Now the coach of the national team, Alexander Shocl, admits that yesterday's failure affected the jumps on Sunday.

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The opening of the World Cup in Wisla was not as programmed for the Norwegian jumper. It was Saturday competition in the team was bad From the ban and Sunday the Norwegians were shameless for the better.

"At least we see some jumps that are good. The second Forfang, for example, says Stöckl in VG on the phone from Poland.

Forfang finished in tenth place with hopes of 122.5 and 128 meters respectively.

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"The boys were probably little affected by what happened yesterday, says the Austrian, and aims at Johansson's jump dress as does not match the control of the equipment Saturday.

"What was positive was that Robert received everything approved today. The change was approved, Stöckl says.

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Despite a disappointing opening, it is glad that the season has begun, and already the next weekend there is a new course in the Finnish Ruka. The goal is to avoid small errors and to increase the technical level.

"It was a very tight and smooth course. If you are jumping 3-4 meters, you will get much higher in the results list.

This week, it will be "dry cleaning" indoors, using video, to improve the seating capabilities of many of the athletes. They then meet on Thursday before leaving for Finland.

Russianman Jevgenij Klimov (24) led after the first round and when the used Kamil Stoch did not close the final round, the 24-year-old could celebrate the first World Cup champion after jumping 131.5 meters.

German Stephan Leyhe became second, while Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi became the third.

The 1st round at Wisla became a big disappointment for the Norwegian jumpers. Neither Daniel-André Tande nor Andreas Stjernen won the second place with 113 and 119 meters respectively.

"I'm a little disappointed with Daniel, but he does not feel so well on this ground here, and he has no confidence either. The disease has broken a lot of the season, says Stöckl.

Particularly the teeth were unfortunate with the conditions above the ball.

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"It takes three to four seconds just above the ball, and it's almost impossible to jump well," said NRK expert Johann Remmen Evensen.

The best Norwegian after round 1 was Johansson. Yesterday he was far down to have were rejected in group competition due to excessive jump pressure and were destroyed for teammates.

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But on Sunday it was a revival week, Johansson, who arrived with a new insured jump dress to get in touch with the demands.

And the small forged bartefine was the largest test at 134 meters. But when this happened, Johansson was disappointed in 122.5 and 125 meters of hope. It was only 16th.

Russian Klimov was one of the big jumper in the autumn and with the number 8 in the chest, he landed 127.5 meters in terrible conditions on the ground. And when Stoch at home reached only 126.5 meters in better conditions, it was the Russian leadership before the final phase.

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