Wednesday , May 31 2023

Nikos Tre pre-ordered for 3.2 billion – car


Nikola Motors started the Nikko-Trek diesel-electric truck model in early November. The vehicle is termed Tre prec because it means the number 3 in Norwegian and intended for the European market.

Now, the US company has announced that it has recorded orders over $ 380 million in the first five days, equivalent to $ 3.2 billion, on the European market.

"It's not a bad start for a new European and Australian brand," said Finance Director Kim Brady in a recent press release sent to E24.

However, the company does not disclose how many trucks this corresponds, as the price per vehicle still seems a well-kept secret.

Successful third round of funding

At the same time, the company announces that it has reached its target, and so in the third financial round, with the so-called C shares. Nikola Motors has raised $ 105 million, equivalent to $ 892 million, only during November, reported in the bulletin type.

Nicolas Tre's announcement came on November 5, when the company announced at the same time that they will be presenting their latest lorry at Aghios Nicolaos in Phoenix, USA in April.

Nickol chose Norway as a test country for the truck and plans to launch trials on Norwegian roads around 2020.

Where in Europe the truck will be built it has not yet been decided.

We are not talking about the team

The Norwegian hydrogen company Nel is already working closely with Nikolas at hydrogen stations worldwide and invested in the US company, which is Nelspruit's largest customer by September five million dollars.

In the press release, Nikos writes that, in collaboration with Nel, they are working on the development of hydrogen stations in the United States and that this will happen now also in Europe.

"Nel was good at working with the design of our American channels and their development, and we will work with Nel to secure resources for our European growth strategy, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but with the right partners we can achieve goals, "CFO Kim Brady told Nicholas in a November 5th announcement.

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