Friday , September 30 2022

– Sandra is a role model! – VG


THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS OF THE COUNCIL: Olaug Bollestad (KrF) The key to the Ministry of Agriculture is handed over to the new Norwegian Minister of Agriculture Sandra Borcha.

The Handicap Association is pleased with Sandra Borch’s appointment as minister and emphasizes her as a brilliant role model, but never an alibi.


Tove Linnea Brandvik, leader of the Norwegian Disabled People’s Association, is very excited about the appointment of Borchun as Minister of Agriculture.

– It’s incredibly good. Representation and visibility are crucial to having an equal society, Brandwick told VG.

The leader of the union even lagged behind in Storting from 2009 to 2013. He represented the Labor Party.

– There is no alibi

Brandwick praises Borch’s political qualities and abilities as a versatile politician:

– Sandra is extremely important as a model that shows that people with disabilities have nothing to do with the positions and roles they can hold. Thus, it is an important example for other people with disabilities and society in general.

Borch is one of the most prominent Central Party politicians from northern Norway since he was elected leader of the Central Youth in 2011. He has been in the Storting since 2017.

– There is no doubt: Sandra has a place for practice. He has proven his abilities as a politician and is not an alibi in government.

Brandwick emphasizes that Borch has shown itself in many political spheres.

– Sandra introduced herself as a politician in various fields. I want to praise him for pursuing his policy in the same way as everyone else. It’s best for him, he says.

Tove Linnea Brandvik met with Sandra Borch in Slottsplassen immediately after Borch was appointed Minister of State. To the right of the picture is Gabriel Wilhelmsen Hoff, deputy head of the youth organization Handikapforbundet.

– Become a great role model

On Thursday afternoon, Borch met with his predecessor, Olaug Bollestad (KrF), while handing over the keys to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Minister commented on the statements of the Norwegian Association of the Disabled as follows:

– It is very nice, but at the same time I hope that I have qualities because I am in this role. Borch tells VG that he has heard that there are people over two meters here, so we will be able to balance very well.

It also takes the Brandwick brand.

– It would be great if there were people who looked at me as an example. And it can really be a message to people: Don’t think too much about how you look or how you look, whether you are tall or short, thin or strong, dark or light. Borch says he has nothing to say, you are good enough as you are, and adds:

– My attention will be drawn to a new course in Norwegian agricultural policy. And people will see that.

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