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Schibsted classifies the application loppis app Shpock in Norway and Italy


The media group, Schibsted, announced the results for the third quarter that the flea market application of the Shpock flea market will have to overcome on a monthly basis towards the end of 2019.

Now the message is that the application is recorded in Norway and Italy and that the number of workers should be reduced. The implementation continues as in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

In an internal briefing Tuesday, Schibsted writes:

"Aspiration is a profitable and product-focused business where you are going to break through by 2019. To achieve this, gaining profits increases considerably and cost cuts. One of the biggest cost drivers was marketing, which now is significantly reduced in all markets.

Kristin Skogen Lund ends as Head of the NHO and begins at Schibsted.

Kristin Skogen Lund ends as Head of the NHO and begins at Schibsted.
(Photo: Skjalg Bohmer's Violence)

This means that the company must reduce the number of employees. This will affect about 80 employees in Austria and the United Kingdom, "writes Schibsted.

The report shows that Schibsted has invested more than 100 million euros, or about $ 1 billion, in Shpock, originally developed in Austria.

Posts disappear when MPI and Schibsted split

Schibsted is also preparing to unveil its international ads in a separate company, now called Marketplaces MPI. This will be on the Oslo Stock Exchange in April 2019.

This is Shibock's appearance of Shibsted app Shpock.

This is Shibock's appearance of Shibsted app Shpock.
(Photo: Screenshot)

While Schibsted Rolv head Erik Ryssdal heads MPI, former NHO manager Kristin Skogen Lund takes over as head of Schibsted ASA, who will lead the Nordic media business and messengers.

In connection with the split between Schibsted and MPI, MPI will bring together its product and technology development team – in Barcelona and Paris.

As a result, Schibsted announced on Tuesday that MPI's Product & Tech teams will have to gather and be in Barcelona and Paris.

"This means that Oslo, Stockholm and London will not be the center of MPI's P & T resources in the future, which does not mean that the offices are closed" For the "new Schibsted", Oslo and Stockholm are further strengthened as the company's P & T resource center. For London, more key features will still exist, "writes Schibsted in the message.

Workers in these areas are affected by the fact that most of those who work with Product & Tech in Oslo and Stockholm will move from MPI to Schibsted and work in the same place as before.

Schibsted says some MPI global employees will have the opportunity to work from their local offices or move to the MPI in Barcelona and Paris.

In London, the way in which the role of employees will be affected will vary, and some teams will also be transferred to Schibsted and will continue in London for a transitional period.

Workers working on Global Support Features will be offered to relocate or will continue to work from London. About five people run the risk of losing their jobs.

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