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Strong campaign to control weapons at the top


There was no Grand Prix for Norwegian services or jobs, but one gold, five silver and four bronze.

The category that many think is the most talented – the movie category, was the Japanese commercial film
a make-up and skin care maker Shiseido that pulled out the biggest straw and won the grand prize. The winner used an internal organization for "The Party Bus". In the film, two dressed and dressed young people meet and themedly move
The film is on the outskirts of LGBT, which is controversial in Japan.

The party coach was designed to allow Shiseido to reach the young. We thought a lot about what we could do with makeup in today's modern and common world.
Finally we came up with an idea that make-up can be brave and that putting make-up in your own way gives you confidence. This has led us to the issue of LGBT. In Japanese culture, there is a strong conservative trend and stories about LGBT
is rarely said. I think this film is the first project of a big Japanese company that takes LGBT into a commercial film, creative director Masato Kosukegawa at Shiseido said during the awards ceremony.

Shiseido also won the Grand Prix in the Epica film category two years ago. At that time, gender and identity was a matter.

Watch this year's winning movie here (The article goes on after the movie):

Checking weapons on the tops

A new
the category of the year is the price of "responsibility". Here was the strong American film "The honor in our lives," linked to the action followed by Florida's shooter earlier this year. The campaign was the price of the students
Life is set at its own "price," calculated after the donation of politicians each year by the National Rifle Union (NRA).

The back office is McCann Worldgroup New York – who also won the "Network of the Year" award.

In a
Commenting on the two prices, Global Creative President Rob Reilly said:

"The winning prices are never the motivation, but rather the result of the right action for the client's business. All the price to all MWG employees for
to give full gas, never to give up and in this way our partners want to be successful.

Watch the movie here (The article goes on after the movie):

In the design category there was a new logo for the city of Los Angeles, which ended with Grand
Prix. The body behind the 72nd and SUN Los Angeles.

Here's the logo (article below):

This year's winner was German DDB Germany. The "Highlight the Remarkable" campaign for Stabilo won three easy ads
where women in the "shadow" of men are "labeled" with a yellow pen.

Here's what the campaign looks like (the article continues below the image):

French services have won most awards during this year's Epica. Altogether, they won 53 awards, including 12 gold.

This year's office became Swedish Forsman & Bodenfors.

Epica is a creative award that differs from other awards, as the jury consists exclusively of journalists covering daily advertising and marketing. We do it
Note that the campaign has participated in the jury.


Strong students:

Survivors from a Florida gymnastics school launched a campaign for stronger arms control. Now the campaign has won the Grand Prix on it
creative epic competition.

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