Monday , October 3 2022

The media are dissatisfied with the police on Twitter


This is evidenced by a comprehensive survey among Norwegian journalists, Journalisten reports.

Before using Twitter as a common channel of police communications, 18% said that communication with the police was bad or bad. Now, almost 52% say they have become even worse, according to the survey "How well does the police communicate with the media?" The Norwegian Journalist's team has conducted 658 participants.

"Police are violating their own guidelines on how to inform the public about Twitter," said NJ Ina Lindahl Nyrud, who reports traffic accidents, fires, serious incidents and a danger to the population.

Do not warn

* Only 3.4% indicate that Twitter messages provide sufficient information. Nearly 90 percent say they have to call too often or often enough to get additional information.

* Nine out of ten experienced that the police did not question events that the media are initially aware of through readers' advice. Almost one in four responses that occur frequently.

* It also appears that many authors find that they are receiving delayed messages to expel – and too late to alert the population to ongoing events or actions. More than half say that the police once or twice a week are waiting so long to warn them to take pictures in the area or meet with those involved and witnesses.

Examining new solutions – in the long run

The Police Directorate now opens, in the long run, to create a unique media channel against business centers, following the comments that the Directorate has received on the current situation.

"The media say they are not satisfied with the information they receive, and we also see that this is not a good solution." In the long run, we need to find other solutions, says Director of the Media and Communication Management Department, Anne Margrete Alværn, Media24.

This will happen in relation to the police launching a new operational police system (PO) that is constantly examining the work carried out in police districts. The new system is planned to be implemented in the coming years.

– When it is in place, it will be natural to see how operating centers inform the media. This is a little ahead of time. For so long, the police must continue locally and locally to find solutions tailored to local conditions, "says Alværn.

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