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The "Red Dead Redemption 2" computer game has been featured by various media as one of the most anticipated games this year.

After Rockstar launched the game late in October, it seems to be one of the best-selling games.

"Red Dead 2", as it is called, is an action game in the western genre that plays in the United States in 1899, depicting life in America during the transition to the modern era. The action takes place in an open game of the world and players have a great freedom to solve the missions the way they want.

Demonstration of women's rights

A part of the game, Arthur Morgan was commissioned to protect an illegal demonstration of women's rights from angry opponents.

However, some players choose to do everything else to give women, so-called suffrachets, protection.

After the start, several players have uploaded videos of themselves on Youtube where they play in the game, mishandler, and they kill the vote.

In the most popular video, a feminist strikes, tied and pulled through the city before the player drops the feminist into an alligator.

Fighting women's rights in Red Dead 2

The mission in the game is to protect a demonstration exhibition on women's rights in the fantastic city of Rhodes at Red Dead Redemtion 2.

Photo: Screenshot

Deleted by Youtube

This video had over 1.5 million views on Wednesday morning. During this case, the video on Youtube was deleted.

The reason is an e-mail sent by the BBC, where the British Broadcasting Corporation has asked Youtube whether the videos broke with their instructions. Soon, Youtube has removed eight of the ten best videos we've watched.

One of the accounts that released such a video had 473,000 fans but was postponed due to the video.

But now both the video and the account are still working, writes the BBC. Youtube tells the BBC that they were wrong when they removed the video and closed the account from which they came from.

– Youtub's guidelines prohibit unreached violence, nakedness, illegal activity, and hate speech. Creative forms such as computer games can be hard to look at, but when the content breaks a line and is notified to us, we take measures that we feel necessary, said a Youtube spokesman at the BBC.

Red Dead Redemption 2

In this YouTube channel, the player displays his own character as totally non-challenging, draws a suffragette through the city and kills it.

Photo: YouTube Screenshot

– Find pleasure watching women be killed in vain

Many have been shocked by videos showing that feminists have been beaten and killed. But Stine Bang Svensen is a sex researcher at NTNU and has investigated sexual harassment in computer games. Not surprising.

Stine Bang Svendsen

The Stine Bang Svendsen researcher finds it disturbing that so many people think it is fun to hit the violence against women in the game.


It's not new to me that someone finds the pleasure of seeing women kill themselves. I think it's extremely cool that it's like that, "says Bang Svendsen.

But some of the players do not think it's cool, they think it's funny and shows the videos as dark humor.

She worries people think it's funny

But under humor is seriousness, Svendsen believes.

"I think it is very disturbing to see how many people think it is fun to hit violence against people in general but especially against feminists. This has a symbolic value in addition to the fact that this figure gets a lady.

The sex researcher believes that the bodies themselves are responsible for symbolic violence against women contributing to the production.

"Those who say it does not matter in real life, say it because it does not matter their in real life. When you say that he has no value in transferring to real life, speak to the priest.

Caution! Strong images.

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