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Arde Madrid: Ava Gardner juergueando and Franco wiping


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The letters of Elena Francis, an emotional education under the Franco regime (Editorial Cátedra, 2018) is a book recently published in Spain and recalls the physical and spiritual allegiance at the time that caused or forced the Iberian woman into the radio program The office of Elena Frangiscu, published since 1947 and throughout Franco , and whose first lire was Angela Kastels, who belonged to the sad, degrading and involuntary Female Department of Falange and to the same Patronato de Protección de la Mujer rope.

The ideological expansion of the patriarchal glory of the caudillo government, the church and the phalanx, the most popular medium of communication at the time for its microphones, was the pearl of the total female sex cancellation as follows: "It is much better to make the blind, deaf and Try to make your home as pleasant as possible, do not get stuck when it arrives "(in the case of a reply to the listeners with a wife's infidelity problems) and" Be brave, do not neglect your personal setting for a moment "When he arrives home, he is willing to thank him once he asks" (for those who were hit by his wife). "Freezing, silence, lasting, and in the placement of a good person to the perpetrator: the same thing he did in fact to the Spanish people during the dictatorship, not only his wives.

Very much in the regular line of the office of Elena Francis, does not open the first episode of the series Arde Madrid (Movistar, 2018), the amoral character of Ana Mari (played by Inma Cuesta, a pleasant return to the call after the accident), lectures on young girls for marriage, in a class of the aforementioned female department. The swelling estimated in these sequences would be excessive if it was not so relevant to the actual events.

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After this opening, we conclude that Arde Madrid is not going to follow the footsteps of Lo's hiding eyes, the famous miniseries of Telecinco, which also at a francoist era from which he was completely forgotten in his story. Although Paco León, in this first invasion as director of the telegraphic form, will not make a sociological examination of the scene – because that is not the central aim of his comedy – here, with correlation and sometimes with direct expression, it will be it is clear that while Ava Gardner experienced eternal allegiance and the collection of men in the capital of the country, the rest of the people were living in strict conservative ethics. A world of oppression of souls, imprisonment of dreams, deaths and mass graves, murdered poets, hate of difference, women who were infected and condemned.

The straight and oppressed Ana Mari, the cute legs and the impulse (or this seems a priori) is found in the secret service, embedded in the hilarious Carmen Machi image, as home to the "most beautiful animal in the world" to spy on and to presume the supposed connections of everyday events and regular visitors to national and international communism, the great ghost of Franco, Hitler, Trumb, Bolsonaro and many of his own positions.

Manolo (Paco León), a national crook of the same genealogy of those who sailed to Palo to America, is the driver of Ava and will lie, whose husband goes to corcoveos, completing his "Intelligence"

But to the right phalanxist servant they gradually crack down unpublished or dormant inner passions, which will help to modify their robotic attitude towards male sex at the erotic level. Turn on the disruptive hormonal mechanism of the dissection so that it defeats the following elements as beautiful as a whole: the erotic spots scattered in the Madrilenian mansion on Doctor Arce Street, where the weakly unsightly Ava was sent overnight and the another to a bullfighter or a guitarist, the obligatory sharing of the bed with the driver before the untimely arrival of the three-bull's mad brother, a comrade's stone vibrator who pulls her out of the boxes and face-to-face th half-stone penis of one of their prostate enthusiasts: much larger than any recent series and even the character of black porn actor who appeared in the sixth episode of the second season Deuse. Take, David Simon. Paco won you!

With references from the Italian comedy of the 1960s, the Spanish cinema of destape, the comedies of Lazaga and Ozores, and the use of a sad monochrome in the 60s, as well as the intellectual vacuum and the two criollos characters like Gardner hunting the most imaginative loneliness, despite the paradoxical escort of sexual maids and friends of the feast, the episodes created by Anna K. Costa and Paco Leon give a blanket in separate details to their treatment, a piece of a comedy, such as p psig reception of the diva and the guests of the telephone notice of death of Hemingway, the one that imagines FANOURIOU pool Finca Vigia with his finger stuck in the ass "Panther Hollywood. "And they have a complementary dramatic situation that, although it tends to cause stunts, I do not believe much in many Argentines, the Peronists confessed or not, and it is the relaxation with which General Juan Domingo Perón and his beloved Evita , neighbors of the American actor when for her, Madrid was a party. That would not be the case with Sacha Baron Cohen.

Arde Madrid, as a conceptual statement, depicts the partition between the caricatures of monochrome Spain bound under Franco's long coat and the overall freedom of the Gardner universe, which was well-found – or at least that is the way to appreciate it – long-term presupposes a another caricature, different truth, but equal to the free will and the ability of the decision. the story of such a supposed free who ruined the idea by associating him with the inside of man with fantastic, cumulative sex without love and the eternal loneliness of the casanovesque that they always want but never love.

The part of the magnificence of a series that speaks eloquently here is ruined by the kind that may tend to drain from the eyes of some recipients, from the doubts, weaknesses, potentials and virtues of the beings as deeply complex as we humans.

Paco León confirms his comic in Manolo's incarnation and virtually his good hand as a relaxed director who has passed the autophotography of delicious works to his ancestor Carmina and the feature film on the big screen and is now making a debut in the direction of a series of whose 27 minutes pass quickly, many times pleasantly, and even contribute to forgetting the badly transferred materials such as the Manolo theme with the gypsies or the elongated theme of the "endless" necklace, which Lola Flores named Ava, with all w tiria flamenco. Rhythm desgranado from the street in every episode of Arde Madrid, from classics to Rosalía, the phenomenon of the moment.

In addition, the series confirms that Movistar (The area, Look what you did, Shame, Kill the father, Tomorrow) as the most promising and precisely artistic telegraph producer in Spain today.

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