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Colombia vs. Brazil will compete for the fifth round of the Qatar 2022 qualifiers at the LIVE Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium (Barranquilla). The channel responsible for broadcasting the duel for the Colombian region will be Caracol TV and SporTV from 16:00 (Peruvian time) and 18:00 (Brazilian time). You can watch it online FREE ONLINE DOWNLOAD These and other matches on the website La República Deportes, with the initial uniforms of both teams, minute by minute score and video layout of goals and outstanding games.

Live: Colombia vs. Brazil

90 minutes: extra time

The referee adds another 4 minutes

86 minutes: Brazil arrives

Neymar (Brazil) is about to take a corner kick. He sends the ball to the area, but can find the head of a defender who eliminates the danger

Minute 83 ‘: Brazil broke the rule

Fred (Brazil) breaks the awkward ball missed by referee Patricio Loustau

80 minutes: almost the first

An excellent opportunity was missed by Lucas Paqueta (Brazil)! After a good low pass, he controlled the ball and hit the goal from a dangerous distance, but the ball escaped from the left post.

Minute 78 ‘: Arrival of Brazil

Lucas Paqueta (Brazil) tries to find a teammate with a good pass, but the defender reacts well and cuts him off

Minute 74 ‘: Change in Colombia

The moment of change. Falcao terminates his participation in this match and is replaced by Duvan Zapata (Colombia)

70 minutes: Brazil missed

Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) misses a great opportunity to send an inaccurate final pass to the area where the defense intervened

66 minutes: almost Colombia

Rafael Borre’s dangerous shot (Colombia). Alisson stops and prevents the ball from passing under the post. The ball comes out. Corner in favor of Colombia

62 minutes: Colombia arrives

Without much danger to the goalkeeper. Juan Fernando Quintero (Colombia) manages to finish, but his shot is blocked well. The ball goes off and the assistant referee points to the corner flag. Colombia will serve from the corner

58 minutes: Brazil broke the rule

Neymar (Brazil) strikes very hard and the referee blows the whistle

53 minutes: Change in Colombia

A change is made. Rogel Martinez will be replaced by Rafael Borré (Colombia)

49 minutes: Yellow for Colombia

Most likely, Jefferson will see Lerma (Colombia) yellow for a tough fight. Effectively. Patricio Loustau does not think twice and advises the player

The second part has begun!

The final part began in Barranquilla. In the qualifying rounds, Colombia and Brazil are equal 0: 0

The first part ended in Barranquilla. Qatar draws Colombia and Brazil 0-0 in the 5th round of the 2022 qualifiers

44 minutes: moisturizing break

The referee blows the whistle and pauses the game

35 minutes: Arrival from Brazil

Lucas Paqueta (Brazil) closes a low pass to the area, but is caught

32 minutes: almost Colombia

A good shot from Falcao (Colombia), but he hits the defender and poses no threat to the goalkeeper.

29 minutes: Colombia arrives

Juan Fernando Quintero (Colombia) is unable to score directly from mid-range. The ball passes very little over the post

25 minutes: Brazilian control

A good transfer exchange from Brazil trying to create new attacking chances

22 minutes: The arrival of Brazil

Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) sends a dangerous pass from the edge of the field. The defender reacts at the last moment and prevents the danger

Minute 17 ‘: Brazilian approach

Neymar (Brazil) takes a corner kick, but the ball is in the hands of the defense

Minute 13 ‘: Brazil’s first arrival

Lucas Paqueta (Brazil) gets a brilliant pass and misses a great chance with a free kick just beyond the right post.

Minute 11 ‘: Arrival of Colombia

Roger Martínez (Colombia) is unable to send tickets to the region. Your post has been seized

Minute 8 ‘: coffee approach

Juan Fernando Quintero (Colombia) sends a very strong deep pass

Minute 7 ‘: coffee control

Colombia controls the pace of the match by combining precise short passes

Minute 4 ‘: Colombia broke the rule

Mild is heated. Jefferson Lerma (Colombia) struggles prematurely and defeats his opponent

Minute 2 ‘: arrival of the first coffee

Juan Fernando Quintero (Colombia) tries his luck from the sidelines, but his shot from below is too weak to beat Alisson, who easily stops.

Colombia – Brazil match will be played from Barranquilla to Qatar on the 5th day of the 2022 qualifying round

Approved ranks of Colombia and Brazil

Colombia: Ospina, Mojica, Cuesta, Mina, Medina, Lerma, Barrios, Diaz, Quintero, Falcao, Martínez

Brazil: Alisson, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Militao, Marquinhos, Fred, Fabinho, Paqueta, Gabriel Jesus, Gabigol. Neymar

Colombia: Ospina, Mojica, Cuesta, Mina, Medina, Lerma, Barrios, Diaz, Quintero, Falcao, Martínez.

Brazil: Alisson, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Militao, Marquinhos, Fred, Fabinho, Paqueta, Gabriel Jesus, Gabigol. Neymar.

Timely confrontation between Colombia and Peru Colombia vs. If you want to see this tournament from abroad, Brazil will be played from 16:00.

Colombia vs. Caracol TV, which has the right to televise tournaments such as Brazil and South American qualifiers, will broadcast in Colombia. Find out on which channels you can watch the game from abroad:

Colombia – If you want to watch the Colombia match. To watch the match Peru, Goal Peru online from Brazil, you need to follow the signal of Movistar Play, the streaming service of Movistar. Another way to inform you about this commitment is to publish La República Deportes ONLINE.

Selected parameter against Colombia. Brazil is the Barranquilla Metropolitan Stadium. The stadium was opened on May 11, 1986 and has a capacity of 46,700 spectators.

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