Thursday , June 8 2023

Claudio Pizarro explained why he decided to sign Werder Bremen for the fourth time | VIDEO | Germany


At the end of July, Werder Bremen announced his arrival Claudio Pizarro in the club, which meant the fourth return of the "bomber". After completing the contract with the colony, that is free, the Peruvian decided to return to the equipment that left his doors in Germany in 1999.

Some months have passed since such an event Claudio Pizarror he confessed why he chose to return to the German cast. "I had to do the right, the perfect thing. Werder Bremen because I love him very much Because it is important for me to know how the team does. And I saw that the team had improved a lot last year, "the footballer said.


In a video show from the German club, Claudio Pizarro He explained that the coach's ideas influenced his decision. "There was a new coach (Florian Kohfeldt) with a lot of new ideas I had previously worked with, and I had the opportunity to talk to him and see the clear ideas he had." That was one of the most important points I came back to, "he added.

Claudio Pizarro – the Bundesliga's biggest foreign scorer, with 193 annotations – underlined that he saw the opportunity to surpass the club's level. "I saw that there was the possibility of achieving important things this year and making Werder Bremen grow up as a team."

On the other hand, the 40-year-old will not train the following days in Werder Bremen because of the calf pain, the club said. "We are sure to be available for the fight against Freiburg (on November 25)," said the coach.

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