Sunday , September 25 2022

Facebook: Promote "Salchihuán" and "Salchifiscalito" for "Salpipapa Day" | Photos | Viral | FB | FACE | Leyla Chihuan | José Domingo Pérez | Jorge Muñoz | Trends


The Salchipapa Day, to be held on November 26, will have two inspired dishes Leyla Chihuan and the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, which will become a savelpapa that will be available to hungry individuals, according to a Facebook publication.

Different political figures such as Leyla Chihuán, Jorge Muñoz and José Domingo Pérez are the ones who steal attention rather than just their actions, but with their names' conjugation with the plaque salchipapa to do this, a total explosion.

The creators of this pioneer were Omar Cárdenas ("The Juguistica") and Ronald Segovia ("The Cajamarquino") who prepare all the necessary for the Peruvians to spend a pleasant day this third Sunday in November, enjoying this dish with fried potatoes, sliced ​​ham and creams.

"Salchifiscalito", "Salchihuán", "Salchimuñoz", and "Salchicuy", are some of the strange names they put on the plate. Then you will learn about its appearance and what each dish contains.

The "Salchimuñoz", consists of English oman salad, edan cheese, fried potatoes and hot dogs.Salchifiscalito contains chicken fillet, national sausages, chorizo ​​and fried egg.Ability to increase energy after a difficult day.

The most popular of all, the "Salchihuan"is used to share amongst many friends as it has sausage, cabanossi, cecina, chorizo ​​and french fries. Finally, there is Salchicuy, which is a combination of yellow potatoes, smoked sausages, cheese and feta cheese fried in pieces .

Then you can see the best photos to be broadcast on Facebook.

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