Friday , September 30 2022

Five bridges are restored in the Piura area


The five Canchaque bridges, located in the Huancabamba province of Piura, linking their villages with the capital of the province, are being rebuilt at the same time, the ARCC said.


During a visit to the Pusmalca, Hualcatal, Santa Rosa, La Afiladera and Quebrada Onda bridges, the ARCC officials confirmed that there are heavy machinery working in each of the five interventions.

According to the ARCC, every road infrastructure is being reconstructed with the change component: it will support heavy goods traffic so that farmers can produce their products.

The Pusmalca bridge, for example, before being destroyed by the flow of the river of the same name, originating from the El Niño phenomenon, was a small road infrastructure but vital because it is the one that gives access to the largest number of villages ) and two districts: Lalaquiz and Bigote.


The ARCC fulfills its function of replacing the infrastructure damaged by El Niño Costero 2017 with the project change element.

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