Monday , May 29 2023

Foreign workers can arrange their contracts online Economy


The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) It states that the procedures relating to the employment contracts of foreign staff are carried out through its portal.

The measure provides for the approval, extension or modification of these contracts through the Virtual Conventions System for Aliens (Sivice).

The Sivice will enter into force in 60 days and will be on the ministry's website.

In addition, the implementation will be progressive. The initial stage of its operation will be the responsibility of Metropolitan Lima's Regional Directorate for Labor and Promotion of Employment.

The measure was approved by Ministerial Decree No. 291-2018-TR, published today in the official newspaper El Peruano.

In the fourth supplementary provision, it is noted that Work Migration Address Sivice can articulate with the entity that is responsible for issuing the typical immigration quality to send information on the approval of employment contracts of foreign staff.

The Sivice will issue certificates for both persons on the basis of its contracting law foreign workers, as well as for those excluded from it.

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