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Instagram: Milett Figueroa liked the publication of Jason Day, confirms the romance after the pictures together? | Chollywood | Videos | Photo | Shows


A few weeks ago Milett Figueroa and Jason Day went into their stories Instagram a video in which they enjoyed a meeting with friends and since then began to speculate about a possible relationship between them, but recently a stance of the Peruvian model made rumors more latent.

And it is that the young actor gave "I like it" in the latest publication of the actress who went to Instagram. Are you flirting? at the moment none of them commented on it. However, in the social network it has already been said that both will leave.

But it's not the only photo Milett Figueroa He gave him "I like it." October 24 Jason's Day a well-known image was uploaded and the popular Milechi clicked on the heart icon.

As is well known, last October,Good GodShow a video from Milett and Jason on a rock rock with a group of friends. In spite of everything, the model has maintained that she has a friendship with the actor and assured that she is unique after breaking with the dancer Patrick Quiñones.


"With Jason, we are friends, we are just friends, nothing more, it bothers me to connect with my friends, of course they are my friends, they are my friends, nothing more, I can have the friends I want, I am dedicated to the job and I am single, I have no time for anything else, "said Milett Figueroa.


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