Monday , October 3 2022

Juan Sheput for the resignation of Guido Lombardi: Definitely affects the bench Policy


The Counselor Juan Heppu regretted his resignation this afternoon Guido Lombardi on the Peruvian bench for the Pembroke (PpK) and said that this distance "definitely affects" the dominant team. The legislator stated that he believed that the votes on the final report of the Laato Jato commission caused the Member to leave.

"We are sorry [la renuncia], then Guido Lombardi is a Member who has worked with a correction, has basically presented very good bills and it certainly affects the bench, but we hope that in the future we will be able to adapt to this situation, "he said in a dialogue with Canal N.

"[[[[Lombardi]It indicates that there have been some votes that have not been agreed and it can be inferred that some members of the group have been voted similar to those of Fuerza Popular and Apra. Then that would mean the distance, "he said.

Guardian He claimed that within his team he must show "sufficient resilience" to be able to rebuild before the loss of a legislator.

He said that after that the Peruvians for Campi should "be much more careful about our votes, our political approaches and especially the way we face corruption."

"Resignation is a political gesture of a level that we can not underestimate in any way, the resignation of a group is an issue being considered, in which case Guido's resignation is the beginning," he said.

This afternoon the counselor Guido Lombardi he resigned from the Peruvian Campaign for the PpK, claiming that there is "little commitment to the main lines of the government" and from there it is not possible to give the president the support his goals deserve. "

It considered questionable, in this sense, the alignment of the ruling party with the vote of the "bancadas" seeking to protect political organizations in relation to crimes.

"I do not owe my commitment to a group that has shown with some remarkable exceptions a little commitment to the main government lines, so I came to the belief that from today's bench it can not be given to President Vizcarra the support his goals deserve," he told a letter he sent to the representatives of his former bank.

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