Tuesday , June 28 2022

Naphtha increased by 10% in dollars and is one of the most expensive in the region



75% versus 116% is the gap between the rise in the price of naphtha and the exchange rate developments when it peaked (in September). It is the main support of oil companies when explaining the need for additional increases in price to the public. Faced with dollars, they claim that revenue should be updated. However, a concern that has emerged over the last few months is the consumer's ability to cope with the simultaneous rise in prices and real low wages and not start cutting off consumption because wages have not been updated since the beginning of the year. degradation. This panorama has worsened more and more before each raise, like the one that was applied this weekend. With these increases, the price of one liter of naphtha measured in dollars recorded an increase of 9.8%, using a currency of $ 36.50 as a reference. This brought the new price to $ 1.23. above the world average and among the highest in the region. Thus, naphtha in Argentina is 48% more expensive than in the United States ($ 0.83 per liter) and 17% higher than Canada ($ 1.05), according to Global Prices. of Infobae. In South America, it is in fourth place. It is only more expensive in Uruguay (US $ 1.67 per liter), Chile (US $ 1.30) and Brazil (US $ 1.28), while a liter of super-naphtha is cheaper in Peru (US $). s1.13 per liter), Paraguay (1.03), Colombia (0.74), Bolivia (0.54), Ecuador (0.39) and Venezuela (which has the cheapest fuel in the world for US $ 0.01). per liter). In terms of global comparison, according to countries surveyed by Global Petroleum, Argentina is slightly above the average, it is 102 out of 182 measurements. According to the comparison, we must also take into account the fact that in the group of nations ranging around the US $ .23, most have a population with an average income higher than that of Argentina, as in the case of economies developed.

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