Monday , October 3 2022

Peruvian choice Peter Arévalo says Ricardo Gareca must work to replace Christian Cueva | Video


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The last international friendly for the double FIFA Date that the Peruvian national team that was held before its counterpart in Ecuador could mark the start of a new phase after vocational training in World Cup.

And it is that the dream that has been fulfilled for the happiness of the whole country, especially the new generation that we expected to see Blanquirroja in a worldwide appointment after 36 years, was already in the past. It is a beautiful and longing for memory, however, we can not continue to live by them.

One of the outstanding tasks, it seems, will be to find the ideal replacement of Krasnodar's wheel First division of Russia. Ricardo Gareca attempted in this invitation to replace the absence of Aladino with Christofer Gonzáles and Cristian Benavente, however, in the match with Ecuador, they both became sluggish.

"I think these are the issues for which Gareka She has to work. Christofer Gonzáles and (Cristian) Benavente These are the alternatives we always asked to look for the variation in the absence of Cueva. Jefferson Farfán and Cueva can play in the same position but have different characteristics, "he said. Péter Arévalo, a member of Fox Sports Radio Peru.

"More than the attitude of the Peru team, it seems to me that reading it & Quot; Bolillo & quot; Gómez It was right to neutralize a team that, without having the player producing a variant, covered the limbs, chau, "he explained.


The Peruvian team will face Tuesday, November 20, similar to Costa Rica in Arequipa.

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