Monday , October 3 2022

US prepares for days of intense consumption around "Black Friday" World USA


New York– US prepares for five days of intense consumption around Black Friday or "Black Friday", as it is estimated that 164 million people will go shopping, a few days with big discounts introduced by other countries and opening up Christmas time for trade retailer and online.

Although the Thanksgiving celebration is celebrated with food on traditional roast turkey with friends on the fourth Thursday of November, this weekend there are already "before the Black Friday" sales on Amazon, one of the largest leading businesses.

The market fever, however, launches when the most vulgar discounts between Thursday and Sunday Monday ("Sunday Monday") mark the black Friday and Saturday of Small Businesses and for which many consumers are eager to wait.

According to the National Retail Federation, about 164 million people in the US – one of the two Americans – are planning to make purchases for these five days "either after the turkey's ending or" online "on Monday's Cup, demand for which trade "will be ready," said chief executive Matthew Sai.

The organization, NRF for its acronym in English, surveyed more than 7,500 people and most (65%) found the "discount advantages" the main reason for their purchases, compared to the 26% they say they do for the sequence of consumer "tradition" of Thanksgiving.

For the Christmas period, from November to December, Americans are expected to spend up to $ 720,000 million (4.8% more) or $ 1,007 on average on gifts or decorations, but according to the experience of other years, more one-third of this budget will only be spent the next weekend.

"Consumer confidence is higher than ever, unemployment is the lowest of decades, and wages are rising, which is reflected in market plans," said Shay.

He added that Chinese government tariffs were imposed by the US government. will have a "minimal" impact on final prices, as trade has already "entered pre-record volumes" this summer.

Also, according to the NRF, the preference of supermarkets or natural retailers, from the giant Wallmart in the Macy chain, is equivalent to digital commerce, headed by the Amazon, and in which the mobile phone continues to gain market positions, in front of the computer.

And by 2016, Internet billing in the North American country has grown far more dynamically than traditional sales: for this festive season, about 124.1 million US dollars are predicted in this category, 14.8% more than last year.

During these five holidays, where the "black Friday" is the star, a general increase in sales is expected, especially on the Internet, which is expected to reach US $ 23,400 million (19% more than last year).

These are calculations of Adobe Digital Insights, which analyzes the online transactions of the 100 largest US retailers. and indicate Cyber ​​Monday as the most important date for online purchases, with the highest volume and annual growth estimated (7,800 million, 17.6% more).

In spite of the expected big spending, "Black Friday", which was born in the 1970s in the US. and has been exported to other countries, is small compared to another consumer party with the latest track: China Day Bachelor's Day, celebrated on November 11th.

On its tenth anniversary, just a week ago, that day designed for singles to beat broke a record, with about US $ 30,802 million sold online on the Alibaba Group platforms, more than double what they usually collect "Black Friday "and Sunday Monday.

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