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4 points from Wednesday's UAAP action


4 points from Wednesday's UAAP action

Rick Olivares (philstar.com) – November 8, 2018 – 11:48

Manila, Philippines – The top teams are setting their bid for the next round of the season, while the lower tier falls from the match.

Here are our thoughts of Wednesday's (7 November) fights:

It's a huge return for Adamson

The Soaring Falcons fought in the first half but found their determination to repay 20 minutes to win a huge victory over the UST with 96-83 to secure another entry to the Final Four.

Better yet, the Falcons remained a game over the DLSU and with the Green Archers' fight with Ateneo appearing on the horizon, this is a boost to their advantage twice. Adamson is 9-3 while DLSU is 8-4. You can bet that the p

This time, all the veterans appeared with Sean Manganti, Simon Camacho, Jerrick Ahanmisi, Papi Sarr and Jerie Pingoy, starring star roles. A victory like this against a rival team (which may be knocked out of the race) does wonders for their confidence.

Going into the game, a concern for Adamson was the score of the match. These stalls scored 37 – the same as their UST counterparts. It was their beginners who shattered UST.

It needed that.

La Salle continues his hot series

Okay, it was closer than expected for the Green Archers – this 84-77 victory over the National University. They have to like this because they get contributions from many people in this car in their Final Four.

This is a winning movement for the Archers, as they are heading for the expected match with Ateneo this weekend. As we have already pointed out, they find their shape late and peak at the right time. This is a team with a lot of championship and pride experience (not to mention talents and that they are well trained). You do not count them.

At 8-4, they have a tremendous chance of catching one of these slots twice to beat.

For UST, this is a game where he lost Steve Akomo

The Tigers hit the lane, losing the bounce of the battle, 53-35. They were infected in, 52-14, and that's all. UST threw 10 triplets. Most of the time, this is good enough to help tea a win. Adamwon pierced six. Now when you take into account the points in the lane, that's a lot.

He did not help Zach Huang play well as he, the hard-working Enrique Caunan who is always willing to give his best and Germi Maquinay was foul. It will be difficult to win a game when your internal players are on the bench.

The UST has some very good building blocks here. They just have to add a little more ceiling.

Now they are in the dangerous zone, all but the fight with 5-7 record. Even if they win the last two races that could help create a playoff for the last seat, they also depend on how the other teams end.

Whatever happens, they have to feel good about themselves. They fought the whole season and at one point they were in fourth place. They should be proud.

And since I have said this, it is the same for NU.

We have to look at the future

Before winning all of this in Season 77, the bulldogs looked at the Ateneo as a model. They ran with an engraving power inside and a lip guard, blue chip players and stingy defenders.

They have a new team. Indeed, the last two seasons. But because of the imbalance of staff (veterans) they have fought. They also have awesome building blocks for the future. They must be patient because their time will come.

My lament about them is that we were not able to do the best to children like Matt Aquino and Troy Rike and I think that's something like that. But, as they say, it is always darker before dawn. Jamike Jarin was here before and then turned around. Give him the opportunity.

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