Wednesday , October 5 2022

Best goal angles from Thai players


Imagine a banging stroke and watching the nestle ball on the back of the net without any help from anyone. How liberating can she feel?

Thailand seems to have conquered the art of taking shiny corner kicks so that they do not need a second touch to end up on the back of the net. After the impressive goal for Thailand recently, here are some instances when the Thai players scored impressively from the corner kicks:

Therathon Bumathan

This goal comes from 2015 and is an absolute stumbling block. Buriram United and the Japanese side of Gamba Osaka, the Thai national Theeraton Bunmathan comes with a beauty, somewhat inadvertently, from the corner flag.

Having won a corner, Buriram was expected to play the ball in the box, but Bunmathan managed to climb all the way over the goalie's head. Furthermore? It ended with a festive celebration, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Chaowat Veerachat

Chaowat Veerachat is one of the middle industries that a manager would like to have in his team. His willingness to make a game and win the ball in conjunction with his vision is impressive and makes him a real advantage on his side.

It does not score much, but this particular day had something else in mind. A former Buriram United player may have sent a corner kick towards the goal of the goal but giving the ball out and over back in front of the goal. Just high.

Charlotte Tapi

Here's a good one too. Charyl Chappius has made waves across Asia with his talent and skill and was in full look during a game between Buriram United and Suphanburi FC.

Chappius has decided to use the ball to suiol both a brilliantly passable venue, but his flipping from the wrong end towards the goal ends up in the net. The ball went miles over the far side of the post and scored, but in the end he managed to get up.

Korrakot Wiriyaudomsiri

After a great goal is this absolute peach by Korrakot Wiriyaudomsiri for his country. The AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 is already an exciting tournament so far and moved to the next level after Wiriyaudomsiri decided to get Indonesia's goalkeeper with a sweet effort.

Great dribbling shown by Korrakot was to dine and save the ball from the opponent's team. It was a remarkable moment, and one that definitely got the crowd on their feet.

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