Monday , March 20 2023

Hottie Alert: 13 times Tony Labrusca has triggered our thirst


Undoubtedly the hottest man of the moment, Tony Labrusca has the right combo to be a showbiz eye-candy – his angelic face, erotic look, Greek statue-esque physique and, of course, his ability to escape all his films this year. We just can not help ourselves but swallow this hottie!

And once we thought that Tony could not get any sultriers, he attacked us at a glance at his younger title titled Glorious with equally fierce actor Angel Aquino, a risky affair of the usual May-December love affair. Netizens (including us, of course) dug into what seems to be one of the hottest makeout scenes in the Philippine movie ever!

If you live under a rock, here is the hot trailer for your prediction:

Glorious will be available for streaming on iWant on November 17th. This is not too long, but if you are already longing for this booming heartthrob, here are 13 Tony's photos that will either quench your thirst or activate it even more.

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