Sunday , September 25 2022

Kevin Durant: Lakers face big hit in the hope of landing the star warrior | Other | Sport


The future of Durant's Golden State Warriors fell into further doubt this week after a nasty indignation with Draymond Green.

The duel of the warriors fell after Durant protested, as Green rejected the ball with the seconds that died in the setup time against LA Clippers.

Both players were amused as they returned to the bench in the break before the prolongation, while Green is supposed to have dropped Durant's upcoming free delegation back to his face.

Durant was able to see the phrases "for this I am from here," with many fans in the social media getting what it means to leave for the free delegation the following summer.

The 30-year-old may leave the last year of his contract the following year, which is widely expected to do to seek a maximum contract.

Some teams will be able to offer Durant exactly what he wants, but the crash with Green has led to some questions as to whether he would seem to be moving away.

However, Athletic's Sam Amick says, through a source, that Durant "has shown no interest in wanting to negotiate and remains focused on the opportunity of the championship ahead of him."

"We have a truffle over us," the source said.

It would be a great surprise if the warriors even thought of negotiating Durant, but the strongest proposal was that Green could move.

And the Fox Sports Skip Bayless analyst believes Durant's only chance of rewriting would be if they can negotiate Green.

"There is no way that the Gold State will have any hope of keeping Kevin Durant after this year, unless he exchanges Draymond earlier than later"

"Before the transaction deadline Draymond has to go.

"They still have DeMarcus Cousins ​​on the ice, so it's not like leaving a hole full."

He added, "It is [Durant] not on it.

"As friends or friends they could be, I think the bridge is burning.

"It looks like it's over with everything."

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