Wednesday , May 31 2023

Miss Chile is Venezuela? Beauty queens leave Venezuela for a better future


With Associated Press

SANTIAGO, Chile – When the beauty of Miss Universe takes place in a few weeks, Chile will be represented by a thin brunette who has a killer smile and speaks Spanish with a clear emphasis on Venezuela.

Andrea Diaz was born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela, where from the age of 12 she learned to roll her hips and gracefully slip down the paths to a local modeling academy. At 19, she won an event organized by her country's baseball team and became a goodwill ambassador for the team.

But Diaz's career changed her course in her twenties as she moved to Panama and then to Mexico to model jobs that are now rare in Venezuela. Three years ago she settled in Chile, where most of her family has also been relocated.

"I represent the new Chile," said 26-year-old, as she trains at a local gym in Santiago for the upcoming contest. "This is an inclusive country where immigrants are looking for opportunities."

As thousands of people leave Venezuela daily to escape food shortages and inflation expected to exceed 1 million percent, dozens of potential beauty queens also get to fly and find work as models and personalities of the media abroad.

Some even represent their adopted homelands in international beauty exhibitions.

Next month, Portugal will be represented in the Miss World competition in China by a former participant in M. Venezuela. And the recent Miss Earth contest, held in the Philippines, featured two Venezuelan models that fought on behalf of Peru and Spain.

"My dream of being a queen of beauty will not stop just because I have arrived in a new country," said Jessica Rousso, who represented Peru in Miss Earth, just one year after her move to the country.

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