Monday , March 20 2023

NBA News: Hall of Fame Star Says Judgment For Jamal Merga After Kyrie Irving | Other | Sport


With only seconds left in the Celtic game on Monday night, which Denver winners had won 115-107, starlet Jamal Murray had the ball in half of the Boston court.

He was already at 48 points for the night, a high career for the Nuggets player.

With the depleted clock, the forbidden rule in basketball indicates that you do not go looking for more points once you win the game.

However, Murray shot a three-point admirable attempt from deep into half in an attempt to reach 50 points.

Celtics star, Kyrie Irving, marked the sphere of "bull's movement ***" and launched the ball into the crowd.

However, Hill told The Starters podcast that he saw no problem with Murray trying to gain more points.

"No, I do not think he was [disrespectful]" he said.

"You play in the end.

"I know you do not want someone to score 50, but keep it for the other 48, and avoid that happening.

"The shot was there, the guy had 48 points, I do not think it was disrespectful.

"I do not think it was a problem at all."

While claiming that he had no problem with Murray shooting, Hill admitted that he had never been placed in this scenario.

"I had career nights and things of this nature, but today it's all in the arena so you know your numbers," Hill added.

"I never did, but I have no problem with someone else doing it."

Irving was fined £ 19,000 [$25,000] for his actions.

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