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With Terry Rozier's rumors swirling, which teams could seek the Celtics guard? | NBA


Is Terry Rozier Available? Well, it depends on what you believe.

At least seven NBA teams are watching the status of the Celtics Guard, according to Athletic's Shames Charania, but Boston General Manager Danny Egen is quickly reneging on the report. He said that no team has called for a possible deal, and Fowler has ruled out any worries about the time he is playing.

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However, Rojer said just last month that he may be "hard when I do not get the minutes that I may want." Roser averages 7.7 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.0 assists to 22.5 minutes per game this season, a significant drop after taking over Celtic's home base during his NBA's playoffs 2018 (16.5 points, 5.7 assists and 5.3 rebounds at 36.6 minutes per game).

With Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward being totally healthy and a plethora of talented choices in the roster, coach Brad Stevens may not have enough minutes to please everyone. That could leave Roser looking for a better chance outside of Boston.

Finding a team that is open to the acquisition of Rozier? That's the hard part – Rozier is playing in the deepest position of the championship and the Celtics are not trying to help another contender. Considering this, here are some options if the Celtics decide that it is time to trade.


Phoenix is ​​the most reasonable destination for Roser, as the Suns are trying to find a bumper for some time. The inability to fill this gap may have been the last coffin nail for former GM Ryan McDonough, so it is clear ownership status sees it as a problem.

Among the 73 skilled guards, Isaiah Canaan (65 $) and Elie Okobo (69th) Suns are both at the bottom in terms of player rating performance. This is bad. The lack of another backcourt threat exerts too much pressure on Devin Booker to produce points from the air.

Roser would give coach Igor Kokosov to the head, another player next to Baker and champion on the ball to question the top West guards. This makes a lot of sense to Phoenix, but it could get to what the front office is willing to send back to a trade.


DJ. Augustine is a security guard. Magic is a disaster when it comes out of the floor (minus -16.6 net score). But at the age of 30, it will not improve.

Here comes the 24-year-old Roser, who can grow up with Moo Baba (20), Jonathan Isaac (21) and Aaron Gordon (23). If Magic wants to go for length and switching capability, Rozier is ideal. He is listed at 6-1 but has 6-8 wings and can guard two or three positions. He is also a sphere operator who can perform the show in a time of crisis. This has proved so much during his session.

It is about creating a stable young core in Orlando, which can eventually cause an enthusiasm at the fan base. Rozier is much better aligned with the Magic schedule than any guard on the current list.


After losing Dejounte Murray (torn ACL) before the start of the season, the Spurs took the idea of ​​adding a new guard point to the team. They run with Bryn Forbes, Patty Mills and Derrick White, although DeMar DeRozan flourishes as the main player (6.8 assists per match).

San Antonio will not do anything that involves enormous danger. It's how franchise works. Remember, Spars tried to keep Kawhi Leonard on the ship and did it only after a time of unexpected upsets.

And yet, a composition with Rozier, DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge provides many ideas. Rozier is a constant upgrading to the backcourt and can take a little weight from DeRozan's shoulders.

Does Greg Popovic press for a victory-now move knowing that he only has limited years left on the side, before retiring?



LeBron James is gone, so Cleveland is once again a big mess. The Cavs are the worst defensive team in the championship and the land ahead only by Suns in the net score. More problematic than this, the locker room seems completely miserable. It would be wise to cut it off and start. Grab all he can for veterans and start over again.

Well, you have to remember that owner Dan Gilbert is in charge. He will not hesitate to drive this routine truck to the nearest ravine.

The Cavs will be without George Hill (shoulder spraying) for two weeks. Veterans do not believe that champion Collin Sexton really knows how to play. Rozier would look like the second advent of Magic Johnson who walks to Cleveland to get the job done.

If Gilbert is really done to prove that he can win without LeBron, that is the gracious agreement he will make. And after seeing what happened with the Irving trade, Ainge would probably be happy to get the call.


Detroit's contracts are dirty, so this would require some creativity. This is also a potential playoffs team in the East – the Celtics may be less willing to entertain the idea.

However, Pistons could use a new watchdog. It is obvious that Reggie Jackson is not the "guy" here, and his first figures show that the Pistons are significantly better with him on the bench.

2018-19 Pistons Not rated Def Rating Net rating Eff FG%
Jackson On 103.7 111.6 -7.9 47.0
Jackson 99.5 92.9 6.6 49.3

To be fair with Jackson, he found his way into a new system under coach Dwane Casey. The emphasis on traffic has changed Jackson's way of operation as he usually controls the offense and dominates the ball. This can not happen with Blake Griffin on the floor.

Rozier is already familiar with the challenges of working beside talented players. He could adapt to what Casey needs. Rozier can defend at a much higher level than Jackson, which is great when you take a look at that defensive score above.

There are no rumors linking Pistons and Celtics at the moment, but if the idea is to find a team with a need at the guard point, Detroit fits into the account.

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