Tuesday , October 4 2022

WWE adds to the list of forbidden words


Very much everything you see on WWE's TV is paged and is very possessive of what is said on their TV product. Broadcasters usually line through their headphones throughout the show, so what you hear Corey Graves says is usually said to him by the likely Vince McMahon himself.

Being such a public company, they have to be very sensitive to what they say on TV. But Vince McMahon also has his own idea of ​​what he can get and the wrong way. If anything, it's all about branding for McMahon, so he controls a lot of every aspect he can.

Recently, our sources have told us that WWE no longer has the ability to use the following words on television: belt, nightmare, leash, fat, hospital, kills, hate, idiot, hell, ass, violence, fake, revenge, Number One Contender, Back, National TV, DQ, Spot and Girls.

Some of these were already known as how a league is referred to as a "title" on TV and not a leash or belt because it increases how important it sounds. Also, the "medical facility" has always been their course instead of a "hospital", which we sometimes heard fit in recent memory.

Some of these are interesting and could present a problem on the line, such as banning the use of the word DQ because it is a legitimate way to end a fight, so they will probably start to say "blockade" instead of on a regular basis. Also, only time will tell how can they continue without saying "Match One Contender's match" with this new list of forbidden vocabularies.

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