Sunday , September 25 2022

Construction of the metro from Karolina na Wola with a train?


A consortium of Gulermak and Astaldi will build two western sections of the second metro line – from the warehouses behind the Janusz C6 station at C1 Karolin Station along with STP on Morach – with two separate agreements. Although one of the contracts also includes planning, there are ongoing studies to coordinate work in the tunnels – so that the same shields will make two episodes without unnecessary interruptions.

On Friday (November 9th), Warsaw signed a contract with the joint venture of Gulermak and Astaldi for the design and construction of the western section of C4 C4 Powstańców Śląskich station at C1 Karolin Station along with STP on Morach. The duration of the contract is 48 months. The exact timing is not yet known. – The contract will be conducted in the design and construction formula. On the part of the general contractor, he will conduct the design process according to very detailed guidelines included in the bidding materials. Within 30 days, the contractor is required to submit a hardware program – says Jerzy Lejk, president of the Warsaw Metro. – According to the agreement, within 10 months we have to complete the construction project and apply for a building permit – adds Bulent Ozdemir, a representative of Gulermak. Realistically, construction work will start in 2020.

On Thursday, 15 November, however, another contract with the same consortium on the construction of the former part of the second line from the Janusz Janusz C6 station storehouse at C4 Powstańców Śląskich is to be signed. The projects are ready. 36 months were granted for implementation (ie less than one year). By the way, this episode will be implemented more quickly – this contract lacks design element. The first projects will start after 2-3 months after the conclusion of the contract, after approval of the organization of the traffic.

The contractor informs that there is ongoing discussion on how to coordinate the work of the TBM shields in these departments. – We'll see how to do it with the program. It is likely that we will use the same shields that will slit everything – from one side to the end – says Bulent Ozdemir.

According to the information obtained from the Warsaw Metro Station, now the most realistic option is to start drilling at C1 Karolin station and complete the drilling before C6 Janusz Station. In this case – due to differences in the field of work, the duration of the contract and the timetable for the execution of the cubic objects – the TBM trays will pass without stopping the unfinished bodies of the C1 Karolin, C2 Chrzanów and C3 Lazurowa stations (in other words, level – then the tunnel at the station site will be disassembled to create space for the platform). Such a variation was practiced in the central part of the second metro line at C10 Rondo ONZ.

At the same time, the application of the opposite order – that the shields will pierce the tunnels from the Janusz Janusz C6 station to the C1 Karolin station – is difficult. The law does not actually allow a new building permit – in this case for an initial fuse – to be located where another investment is under way on the basis of a different construction decision. Meanwhile, the ongoing construction of the western section – from the C9 Rondo Daszyńskiego station to the Janusz prince C6 – will only expire in November 2019.

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