Sunday , September 25 2022

CPK has a logo in the background of the airport … Amsterdam


The central communication port will be visually recognized. On Thursday, CPK's project team will present the airport logo, which is supposed to operate under the name of the "Solidarno" airport. The logo, in the form of the letter "S", is placed both in the depiction of the airport building, as well as in the bus and train.

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Airport in Baranów or Amsterdam?

Soon, however, it turned out that the Podpunkt studio, which is responsible for the project, does not have intellectual property rights in the graphics on the background of which the logo was presented. What is worse, this depiction does not represent the CPK project at all, but … the Dutch port of Amsterdam Schiphol, which will open in 2023.

The original depiction of Schiphol Airport can be seen, for example, in the promotional material below. The resemblance to the graphics that are being prepared for CPK is impressive.

In response to these reports, the CPK project team will publish a statement confirming that the graphic has been used without the consent of the visualization creators.

We have been shown to us in some way by the visual recognition artist. Grafik Studio Podpunkt, which produced graphic materials for us, did not have the rights to the above-mentioned depiction. Under the contract, Studio Podpunkt should have all rights to materials used to prepare materials for CPK

– we read in a statement sent to mediw.

The creators of the logo hit the jetty

Who are the visual recognition creators for CPK? In an interview with, Emilia Bojaczyk from Podpunkt admits that the company will be interested in investing.

When designing these logos, we place them in functional presentations in different photographs or visualizations. If we do not get it from the customer, we rely on what is available on the free license. In this case, there is an outburst that should not have happened, but I assure you that it is not our will.

– emphasizes Bojaczyk.

Investments for 37 billion euros

The total cost of manufacturing CPK may amount to PLN 37 billion. Taking into account the rail and road infrastructure that guarantees access to the airport, it can cost up to 75 billion. It is worth recalling that within the framework of the CPK's construction, the government is planning to create a whole city. This construction foresees 65 to 248 km of vibration.

The port will be ready in 2027. By the end of next year, preparatory work will be done, construction will last another eight years. According to plans, from every major city, the trip to the Harbor takes up to 2 hours (except Szczecin).

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