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Kraft hit the third place for Austria.

Let's concentrate on the most important. Stoch second in a row to jump.

Timmy Zach took care of the calm of emotions. Slovenian only 50 centimeters jumped hundreds of meters …

A moment of relaxation and we are waiting for a resolution …

Różnica is 4.1 points. Who will win today will decide Stoch's competition with Freitag. In the first row our jumper was better than seven points. It may be similar now!

Ajjjj … Fatal wind, flight problems and only 114.5 meters! The German Leyhe 126 and Germany are jumping ahead of us. It's a pity … everything will depend on Kamil's jump.

Time for David. Let's get our thumbs!

The Japanese no longer matter, but Daiki Ito shone. A beautiful jump on the 128th meter. Interestingly, he was the first in the competition to blow his skis.

Cuba did again (125.5)! Well, bravo, bravo – Horngacher knew what he did when he wager Wolny. We have 51 points more than Austria. And above Germany, we are also increasing our lead. Now it's 19 points. Close, closer and closer …

The sock on the hill in the radius is already free.

The Japanese are not fortunate. Kobayashi was in the front row, now his Takeuchi squad was dealt. He did not do that much damage.

We re-cleanse. Stoch finished the first round with the highest separate note, Kubacki had the third result!

Piotrek overcame his opponents and gave us an advantage of almost 15 points against the Germans. Austria already has nearly 50 degrees behind the leaders.

Nicely! And even farther from before, the farthest in the contest! 130.5 m. And no one will take the lead.

Hayboeck firmly, but let the opponents. Alliance glasses are already alive.

We start the second series. The beam is unchanged, still on the tenth platform.

And Kamil. It looks beautiful.


The awakening of the master! Stoch's big leap

Video: Eurosport The awakening of the master! Stoch's big leap

Let's see how great Kuba Wolny was in the debut of the group.


A great free leap in the first round of the competition
A great free leap in the first round of the competition

During the break, we invite you to a short reading. How jumpers deal with complicated settings.

The composition of the second series: Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Japan, Austria, Germany and of course Poland!

A few minutes of breathing and we return to competition.

Let us organize the information – Johansson was excluded from illegal forms.

After four jumps, we have 515.5 points. Germany gained 10.4 less, with a loss of 29.6 Austria. In a shocking place in the second row there are no winners of last year's Nations Cup, Norwegians!

Freitag steadily, but he did not reach the Poles. At the waist we are not equal!

End! He did not have a jump yet! 126.5 m. And we are headed!

Kamil is already in the beam!

The exclusion of Norway by Robert Johansson. Scandinavians are falling from battle to victory!

Fall again! Excellent distance of Ryoyu Kobayashi, but problems in departure and a harmless truck. She has already shaken and greets the audience.

Klimow was crazy yesterday, and today? Right, fine, but not too far (according to the latest standards) – 124 m.

Kamil was among our first in the series. It is strange to tremble before attempting the triple Olympic champion, but Stoch probably has not jumped yet in Vistula. Let's help the most important!

Good jump for the Germans and I have 3.2 advantages, then (with a loss of 13.8) is Austria.

13.8 points more than Austria! Over 40 from Japan!

Nice! They will jump! 127 m. In impeccable style!

Hani probably has to wait for this player's results. 123 m, Only solid.

At the top, Daniel Huber, in the eyes of Hannavad, a black horse of the New Age.

Weak jumps from Japan and Slovenia. These groups are probably excluded from the fight for victory. Although they have five more jumps, we have to wait.

All right, let's go back to the hill. Here, Ammann (114), adorable in Vistula, did not appear.

Sven Hannawald also gave us his point.


Hannawald: It's hard to show a World Cup favorite

Video: Eurosport Hannawald: It's hard to show a World Cup favorite

Prior to the season, Thomas Morgenstern put the Poles. Was wrong;


Morgenstern: I would put a team to the Poles

Video: Eurosport Morgenstern: I would put a team to the Poles

Again we catch the breath in the jumps of the Kazakhs, the Czechs …

At the moment, it is great – Poland against Germany and Austria!

Forfang's flap and stay in the lead!

Eisenbichler faced a problem after leaving the threshold, but defended well and landed at 125.5m, 4.4 points behind us and second place.

We have almost eight advantages over Austria. From the second team to the top, there are still Germany and Norway.

WELL DONE! Great test, long landing and 128 m. Poles in the foreground!

It's time for Kuba Wolny and the first jump in his career in the World Cup!

The Austrian Aigner landed. Great result – 126 and running.

This is obsolete because the jump was taken by the Japanese Takeuchi (113.5). Asians drive, but slightly. This is important because the Poles after the first team lost just 0.7 points.

These are temporary problems. Kornilov is already down (122.5), but the Russians are only in third place. They lead, despite the fall, the Finns.

A moment break before the jump of Russian Kornilov, because on the hill a strong wind side blows.

The first fall of the contest. Fin Nousiainen is on the landing. There was nothing great and the jumper left the landing hill with his own strength.

The big surprise of the first team is Daniel-Andre Tande's average attempt and the Norwegians will attack from seventh place.

We can take a break for a while, Kazakhstan has landed in the ball and it is time for more teams, which do not mean anything in the first place.

Neither Germany nor Norwegian did, we drive the first team!

Very good distance – 126 meters but very unstable landing! Many points added to the wind and we run at 0.7 degrees!

Hayboeck (123.5 m) did not arrive at Kobayashi, the Japanese may be confused today.

The first really big jump! Japanese Junshiro Kobayashi fell 126.5 m. And the Asians headed.

Yesterday Anti Aalto did very well and today the Finns confirm the good form, the Scandinavians in the spotlight. We are waiting for Żyła.

From the duty of time – the first jump of the race reached the 83rd meter.

The first of the Kazakhs is already in the radius. For us, the competition will be opened by Piotr Żyła.

We hope that today there will be no fuss. It's time for a long jump.


Stoch: I'm stupid after this jump

Video: Eurosport Stoch: I'm stupid after this jump

It turns out that the favorites of the contest are the Norwegians. He was ahead of our team by 25 points.

Stoch's yesterday's weak leap should not have been a coincidence. Today, just 104.5 meters in training … But teams in Biało-Czerwoni training will be second!

Regardless of how the Saturday contest will go, we already know it will be recorded in history. All thanks to Kazakhstan Nurszat Tursunjanow, who at the age of 15 will become the youngest player in the history of the World Cup matches.

The starting list for the Saturday racing group includes a total of eleven national teams – Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Germany and Norway.

At the weekend of Saturday's group competition, the expected wind power is expected to be 4 m / s. The air temperature, in turn, should be around 0 ° C.

And Stoch, who has something to improve. This jump gave him a 48th place in the qualifiers.


Kamil Stoch jumps to qualifying

Video: Eurosport Kamil Stoch jumps to qualifying

And here Klimow, who was second to none.

There are still a few minutes in the fight, so remember the jump of Dawid Kubacki, who gave him the second place in the qualifiers.


David Kubacki's jump in the qualifiers

Video: Eurosport David Kubacki's jump in the qualifiers

Last season, which was also inaugurated in Wisla, it was second in the team.

The last two seasons were extremely successful for the Polish team in terms of teams. Biało-Czerwoni won the title of world champion in Lahti and also reached the bronze medals at the Pyongyang Olympics and the consecutive World Championships in Oberstdorf. In addition, in 2017 they reached the Cup of All Nations.

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