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In "America Express", participants are disturbing residents of Lima



The previous episode of the program America Express passed into an atmosphere of chaos exchange of par. They reached the finish line last Dawid Domański and Tomasz Karolakwhich it should have been out of the programbecause David saved his sister Alexander Check it as the third. It sounds complicated, but most importantly, that Agnieska Vuzniac-Staraque happily announced that all these nerves and efforts were useless because and no one falls.

But how, eventually, we and Jakub had to go tomorrow to Cuzco, me I have already purchased airline tickets online Karolak is troubling.

The first stage led to Hotel Bolivar in Lima, where the first couple reached, has a luxurious stay guaranteed to the company of the second, freely chosen couple. While Maciej Musiałowski from Anna Małysa. Pamela Stefanowicz from Mateusz Janusz and Dawid and Aleksandra Domańscy rushed into the race, almost falling, Chajzerowie and Karolak from Jakub Urbański stolidly they went to the destination with a step for walking, exchanging criticism with each other.

What is happening there; – Karolak was surprised by looking at the young people who rush to break their necks.
The luxury of these people is terrifying Zygmunt said proudly
Well, but right? Philippe commented sharply. Look at them, what are they doing?
I do not care, and so we sink Karolak confessed. What difference does it make if we hurt three days more …?

We have arranged that this apartment is 90 meters away, so whoever gets first there will leave other couples – entrust cameraman Filip.

It turned out, however, that Maciej and Ania remembered the findings quite differently and allowed only one pair to be captured.
Maybe Philip and Zygmunt? Annie asked
Or Tomasz and Jakub, It is also old – suggested Maciej.

Indeed, they were the first to arrive at the hotel, where they were hosted in a presidential suite with a private barman.
After three weeks of placement in the mud, I will take pleasure in all kinds of luxury – Aia confessed.

As a second couple they got to Domańskis.
There was no other choice – explained Maciek.
In any case, this order will appear here – said David, convinced that with Ola they arrived at the hotel as second. In fact Fit Lovers appeared in front of thembut they were sent with proof.

In this situation, Pamela and Mateusz decided to join forces with Chajerów and Karolaczy in the six accommodations found in a private home.
This evening could not finish better – Philip confessed.
Give me the guitar, I will sing to you about the love of Zygmunt August and Barbara Radziwiłówna – Karolak announced.

The next day, two are housed in the luxury of a couple they woke up in a hangover. Maciek was in the worst situation.
We are at different heights, so daydreaming is different – he explained scientifically, traditionally without pants. Let the nightmare finish …

The duty to be executed on the market in Lima turned out to be the wholesale sale of sausages with mustard sausages totaling 50, 56 PLN as soon as possible.

He has not cooked anything yet, and is already snatching – said Ziggi in the usual energetic Pamela.
Musiałowski and Małysa have decided to curb the rules of the mission and rejected the hotel of 50 people from a wealthy customer in exchange for only three dogs.

At the checkpoint on the fruit market the first one mentions: Musialowski with Małysa and Fit Lovers and it was among them that the struggle for the amulet, which consisted in the construction of wooden tower towers, took place. To make it harder, the participants were tied with a leash.
We were celebrating that we were taking each other for a walk – explained Mateusz.
For now we're connected to a fiance node – Pamela confessed.
I do not know how it will go on, I have not said yet "yes" Mateusz lost her enthusiasm.

This tower is such an allegorical installation – explained Maheik from his crooked tower of boxes. It reflects the current state of my mind and refers to the political situation in Poland and the world …
I will move to a safe distance – Woźniak-Starak announced wisely.
The contest is almost invisible, because only 30 cm won Fit Lovers.

Another view was the acquisition of an aphrodisiac popular in Peru that dirty it with and kiss the lips of the three arbitrarily selected persons of the opposite sex. Ola and Pamela had no problem with this, while men, they had to be begging, sad and often attacking surprises. In addition, of course, Karolak, who set the bar and kissed only young and beautiful girls.
This duty was really cool – David confessed. I especially preferred bigger grandmothers because it seemed more open to me …

At the end of the episode, Musiałowski and Małysa were the first to say, and Fit Lovers, Domańscy and Karolaki arrived almost at the same time.
Zygmunt and Filip Chajzer said goodbye to the program.

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