Wednesday , February 1 2023

Lech – Lechia 0-1. Insolence gave the leaders of Gdansk


– As a leader, I feel very good, but in the sense that I am already thinking about what will happen on Tuesday. An airplane is waiting for Rzeszow and two fights next week – said Peter Stokowiec, coach of Ekstraklasa after meeting with Lech in Poznan. His Lechia won in Bułgarska 1-0.

Stokowiec praised his team for regular discipline and the perfect implementation of cases. He stressed that the Gdańsk people's goal was not to break Lech, who was in crisis, but to effectively disperse his opponent and seek his opportunity. He came quickly enough and achieved a beautiful goal as he proved to be the winner, Flavio Paixao.

– It was a very regular fight for us because we had to work hard to take care of this result. It might seem that the game was controlled, because that was our premise, but we focused on certain tasks and this scenario was fulfilled. We wanted to play high pressure, making it difficult for Lech to move the ball or to compensate because we have fast wings. We knew what Lech was, that there would be nervousness in his ranks and we were hoping for that. We wanted to give the opponent, who is perhaps wild, but that's the sport. We did not let ourselves fall, we did not compete with craftsmanship because I was playing for the leader and three points. So I knew that this fight had to be won, exhausted. Hence the defensive changes and I left Rafał Wolski on the bench, because after 20 minutes the turf was so heavy that it did not make sense to try to find something else – Lechia coach Piotr Stokowiec said after the fight.

Lechia remains the leader of Ekstraklasa, but before defending this position and at the same time the title of "champion of autumn" in the Saturday's clash with Krakow, she faces a match between the Polish Cup and Resovia – on Wednesday 13 in Rzeszów.

– We were already a leader and thinking about this position means nothing. You must be well prepared to defend the place and know our weaknesses. We are hurling a number of obstacles, playing a high level of efficiency, comparing the capabilities of the teams from Ekstraklasa. As long as the ball in the game does not deliver the field. Few regular, little prowess and skills, because what characterizes us is a great aggression, but also quality. The Flavio gate was pure quality – stressed the stokowiec.

The coach of Lechia did not remind his players that Lechia had not won in Poznan since 1956 and there is a great chance of that. – I did not want to warm up the atmosphere and give me extra pressure. With this story, my team and I do not have much in common, we want to create our story. It's fun to write in history, but we do not treat it as a priority. Today the team won and that was the key word. We have written tasks: how to defend ourselves, how to attack. And I am pleased with their performance because they have led to historical overcrowding – Lechia coach said.

For Lech Stokowiec, he wanted to break. – It is a city and this club deserves this, to make these unpleasant memories only a fleeting breeze. Not long ago (in March of this year – ed.) We came here with Lechia and lost 0-3. The moods with us were not the best, but we got a steady job and that's the way for everyone – finished the leader of Ekstraklasa.

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