Tuesday , May 30 2023

Orlen in the wallet. Cheaper fuel for individual investors


Michał Żuławiński

PKN Orlen comes out with the initiative
are addressed to individual investors. The shareholders of the company's shares will be able to
based on special discounts.

The "Orlen in the Portfolio" program aims to encourage Kowalskis
the funds in Płock's actions and the widening of their knowledge of the operation
Polish capital market. The initiative will be presented by the president, Daniel Obajtek, who participates in the 590 conference.

The fuel investor cheaper

In the program
"Orlen in the portfolio" will be available to anyone with a stock subscription
there will be at least 50 company shares. The partner of the initiative is Dom Maklerski
PKO Bank Polski – only investors with an account on it
institutions will be able to participate in the program (for new clients until the end
2019, exemption from account management fees). to
get a personal card that allows you to use the discounts will be necessary
completing the registration form on the Orlen website.

Individual investors participating in the Orlen portfolio will be
they could count on discounts in the form 10 gr per liter of fuel Efect and 15 gr per liter
Verva fuel
. The limit for an investor is 300 liters per month, so,
It is easy to calculate fuel, saving up to one year at a time
we can PLN 540 (Verva only).

Potential savings should also be added to the benefits of fuel
derived from 10% discount
for products from non-fuel supply
available at stations (excluding
alcohol, cigarettes and recharge phone cards). All discounts
will be issued for one calendar month and will be renewed by
monthly if the program participant maintains Orlen shares
in your account.

The participants in the program, like everyone else
Orlen shareholders, of course, will also be entitled to receive dividends. The dividend rate for the company is up to 3.1%, plus 2 to 3%. discount on fuel (at current prices and whatever type you choose).

At the end of Wednesday's sitting
Orlen's shares cost PLN 97.8. Taking into account the commission for the order
(0.39%), if you want to participate in the Orlen program, you must invest at least 4.909 PLN.

Knowledge of the CFA logo

Except for net benefits
(and the probability of profit, if the share price is rising), Orlen wants
to offer Polish private investors something that is invaluable in the market.
This is the knowledge that will be gained through the Orlen partnership
with CFA Society Poland, the Polish branch of the global cluster organization
professionals in the investment industry.

As part of the Academy of Investors, at
Individual investors will receive manuals and special self-help tutorials
scientific training by specialists. These materials must be free and public,
and will be accompanied by the opportunity to pass the exam and receive certificates
which was signed under the name of CFA Society Poland. More details about the Academy
We will meet the investor in early 2019.

Michał Żuławiński


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