Saturday , April 1 2023

Retirement and pensions: more favorable use for the poorest – Work, pensions, pensions


At least 70 additional pensions or benefits for full incapacity for work will be received by the next year of 4.8 million people receiving benefits from ZUS.

The minimum old-age and invalidity pension due to total incapacity for work will increase to PLN 1,100 per month. This is a significant increase, because this benefit is currently PLN 1029.80. On the other hand, the pension due to partial incapacity for work will increase to PLN 885 from the current PLN 772.35.

– Today, a draft amendment to the Pensions and Pensions Act will be submitted for public consultation, which includes new rules on the use of benefits from 1 March 2019 – said Elżbieta Rafalska, Minister for Family, Labor and Social Policy. – We want to support people with the lowest benefits. Under the proposed mechanism, no one for exploitation will lose.

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If the proposed amendment did not exist, retirees could estimate a normal increase in benefits by 3.26%. In the case of lower pensions, this would give a higher benefit of PLN 33.5. Also, the value will be cheaper because it will cost only $ 6.8 billion. After changes proposed by the Department of Family, benefits up to about PLN 2,000 will increase faster than applying a percentage adjustment, but that will cost state budget by 1.5 billion.

4,8 million ZUS pensioners and retirees, 1 million KRUS beneficiaries, 114 thousand people receiving pre-retirement benefits and benefits and 280 thousand people receiving social pensions will benefit from the revised recovery rules.

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