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Ryszard Szurkowski is struggling to recover. An accident in the veteran race brought him to bed


Ryszard Szurkowski did not talk about his accident for several months. He asked his relatives not to discuss this issue in the media. The accident occurred on 10 June in Germany, Cologne.

– I did not go too fast (…). Two riders in front of me were inoculated with wheels, knocked inside them and threw myself on the sidewalk and a peloton hit me in the back – says Szurkowski in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy. As he explains – "the upper jaw broke in three parts, the eyes hung on the strings at first".

After a series of treatments, he moved to the Dortmund rehabilitation center. He then moved to a special center in Konstancin, where people with injuries are being restored. The problem is that the longer stay lasts 16 weeks there and our broken cyclist is already training there for 13 weeks. Then he would like to move to a private clinic in Kamień Pomorski. an extracurricular that would help Szurkowski reach his feet more quickly.

The biggest problem is quadriplegia at the moment. Fortunately, regular exercises bring results.

Restoration, however, is costly, so the collection is for the master.

Payments can be made to the account:

09 1240 1747 1111 0000 1845 5759

In transport data, simply enter the recipient's data: ul. Jan Henryk Dąbrowski 189, 60-594 Poznań, and under the title: "RYSZARD SZURKOWSKI – REHABILITATION". The "Lions Club Poznań Association 1990" participated in the campaign.

Doctors said he had a heart for cycling

excerpts from Wojciech Koerber (2009)

Ryszard Szurkowski is our man from Świebodzin near Milicz. She started cycling, among other things under the influence of Peace, later becoming her legend.

– At first, I did not think I would become a great gentleman. The Peace Race, however, is infected by curiosity. In addition, May is hot and the sun is high, so man becomes active. Therefore, one wanted to imitate Króllak and others – three times a world champion told us a few years ago.

– From my village there were many such boys who first came to LZS Milicz. However, it is difficult to talk about a performance here. He asked for a tube, a shirt or shorts that had been waiting for them for months.

Who survived, stayed. When I signed up for Dolmelu Wrocław, my vintage children were already in the peace race. For example, Zenek Czechowski from Poznan – added the legendary cyclist.


Cyclophotometer research was to show that Szurkowski has an extremely durable heart, excellent for cycling.

– I did not think the results of these tests. I only remember that in 1968 I was capable of a group of 14 people for the Peace Race. I was a man from nowhere for the Olympic team, because I have never fought as a junior. For a long time, he invented various kinds of general development exercises, which no one uses anymore. Now I will just hear: "The strange facts from the story of the Lord tell us here." The youth does not want to hear, they prefer to cut the corners. And it's not always driving a motorcycle, "recalled Szurkowski, who also had a tremendous documented training career (including the title of world champion Leszek Piasecki since 1985 and the Olympic Silver Team in Seoul).

When it comes to cycling, the shortcuts are linked to one today. With doping.

– Cycling itself has this opinion. He vigorously challenged this fight, but it is not that everyone else is cacy. Just in other branches is not called doping. And with us? It's enough for someone to have eye drops in addition to everyone else and listen immediately: take it! – noted Szurkowski. Does this mean that it allows doping? Or does he have an idea to escape the crisis?

– Of course I am an opponent of doping. And I have a recipe. I think you owe only those who are absolutely healthy. Every illness, every ear or conjunctivitis is the reason for medical intervention. Every year cough leads to a medical certificate confirming the need to get some special features. And what would it say without a certificate? That the opponent gets it. This can be avoided – these are our Lord's suggestions.

The problem is that when it comes to, for example, a blood transfusion, the case is already ugly and obviously dirty.

– This is the fight next to the fight. Harmful moral, or healthy? Probably not. Within 6-7 hours of the pedal, there is such a burning thing in the body that there is nothing left. I was lucky that during my own responsibility the doctor who was with us all the time fell. We knew that strong coffee stimulated. Or alcohol, which was also not forbidden. In the cold stages, fifty cognacs poured into sweet coffee so that the body would warm up and circulation would be sufficient. And the doctor said, "Drink it from the bottle of water when it's really hard." I brought this content gradually to the finish line and put it in the sink. I remember Heniek Charucki dissolving viscosity or vibovit. When I saw this, I advised instructor Żelaznowski that some coke was mixed in a bottle of water. And he said he should, because it's glucose, good for the edge. Although he worked more in the soul – said Szurkowski.


– When you entered 2 kilos of bananas from the West, the kilogram was for kids and the kilo was hidden for yourself. He was unable to eat. He was afraid. He was only supposed to come out of his pocket – clarified Szurkowski. – Why the big sport is that you believe in your skills. In a difficult race, several thoughts come to mind: just on the tree, to bend and endure for an hour. And the more experienced can do more. It's so difficult for them, but they think it's "hard" to go through, and there will be a reward in a moment. Young is not always able to overcome this obstacle. I was taught by Andrzej Bławdzin: "Attack when it is difficult for you, because it is also difficult for others and only pray for the end," – said the gentleman after many years.

The name Szurkowski is legendary in itself, so his legendary statements are attributed.

– What do you remember better than your long career? – says the reporter.

– What; The front wheel – the world champion responds impeccably. Is this dialogue actually taking place? Or maybe he had, but with the participation of Stanisław Szozda?

– I do not remember it anymore. In any case, if I saw the front wheel, I would not leave much. It's like Krolak, who had to hit a German, or perhaps Rousse, in the tunnel. And who goes to the tunnel after the pump, when you have to hold the steering wheel and on the finish line 500 m ?! Szurkowski asked. And he sells us a real, hilarious story.

– Peace, a scene in Germany. Sometime before Gorzow, maybe around Nowa Sól. On the plane, I ran into a flag stop. I dug the wheels, and after their change, my friends helped me. Finally, we arrived at a team and the times were such that when one of the groups stays, the others are leaving. However, we meet fairly quickly and at this point an accident occurs. Zygmunt Hanusik has an overturn, lands on his back and cuts his trousers so that only the elastic belts and legs remain. The whole ass on the top. So at this point a plan is born to distribute it to the finish line. That it will appear and people will have fun. However, when opponents go through Zyga, they observe shit and laughter. The boy knows the situation and shouts: "Do not spread it anymore!" – told the double champion team twice with the color.

Szurkowski also has a political episode in his beautiful biography. He was a Member of the Parliament in 1985-1989. How did this happen?

– Normally. We were just in Pomerania, during the TdP. There was a message waiting for me in the dormitory. I turned out to be a MP. This was the period. This is. Nothing brought it to my life – the athlete smiled.

– Sometimes I am also on a bicycle, but not as often as Janek Brzeźny. In autumn we were in the race and tired of me there. I promised I would start more often, although I do not need it anymore, as with the former professional athletes, to continue to take it seriously. But I continue to be an active way of life – the hero explained to us years ago.

Ryszard Szurkowski

He was born on 12 January 1946 in Świebodzin near Milicz. Graduate of the University of Physical Education in Wroclaw. Club: LZS Milicz (debut 1966), Radomiak, Dolmel Wr. (1968-1978), FSO W-wa (1979) and Polonaise W-wa (1979-1982). 3rd world champion (Barcelona 73 – ind., Granollers 73 – junior and Mettet 1975 – junior), silver world championships (Montreal 74 – ind.). Olympian champion from Munich (72) and Montreal (76), individually 31 and 12 respectively. Win WP 4 times. Three-time winner of the Gazeta Wrocławska referendum for the best athlete of the year (1970, 1971, 1973). Son Robert (born in 1970) died during the attack on the WTC, the second son Wiktor is 24 years old.

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