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Samsung believes in folding smartphones. In the beginning, it will produce a million pieces


The Samsung Developer conference, held last week in San Francisco, was an opportunity for the Koreans to present a long-awaited folding smartphone.

He showed only the original work to the producer and was not prepared to share many details. It only announced that the device will be built in the coming weeks.

One million smartphones

Now we are discovering the Korean news agency Yonhap News, calling Samsung Electronics, DJ Koha.

According to the agency, Samsung plans to produce one million copies of a folded smartphone. At least until now, probably until the official debut of the device in stores around the world.

Compared to millions of sales of Samsung's top phones, 1 million sounds are modest. However, we must remember that the first dealer is a whole new category of devices. It is also almost certain that the Koreans will not stop at one million copies if the folding smartphone is adopted on the market.

Especially, that Samsung has many hopes for it. Every year, the company plans to introduce another phone from the series, as is the case with the Galaxy S and Note smartphones.

Samsung introduces a folded smartphoneSamsung introduces a folded smartphone Bartłomiej Pawlak, SF / Next.Gazeta.pl

The price will be prohibitive

Unfortunately, only a few will be able to afford a folded Samsung smartphone. According to unofficial information, the price of the device will be as high as 2 million South Korean wages, which at the current rate gives $ 1760 or 6700 zlotys. After adding taxes, the price may even exceed 8,000. PLN.

The new Samsung smartphone will be a truth, but it will not go too far in front of it. Today's available phones can also cost a lot. In the Galaxy Note 9 (512 GB) you have to pay PLN 5,399, the iPhone XS (512 GB) costs 6719 PLN and the iPhone XS Max (512 GB) price is prohibitive 7219 PLN.

When will Samsung be ready?

During the Developer Conference, Samsung confirmed that the folded smartphone will have an 7.3-inch AMOLED screen and a second smaller panel on the outside of the device. He also said that he could submit it "hundreds of thousands of times".

The daylight in San Francisco saw only a special prototype housing. Justin Denison proved on stage that smartphone technology really lets you fold and unfold the screen without damaging the device.

We expect the device to be ready early next year. MWC 2019 is the most likely date for this report, which takes place in the last week of February in Barcelona. At the same event, we will probably see the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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