Monday , October 3 2022

The Citizen Star collection has exceeded $ 200 million! In just a few days everyone will check how they got the money


Star Citizen has just officially joined in an exclusive group of games with a budget of more than $ 200 million. In addition to the ambitious title of Chris Roberts, only the GTA V, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Star Wars: The Old Republic could boast of an equally impressive amount for their production. And as you can see, such huge money is not a guarantee for a successful title because we know what the game was on the day of the SWTOR premiere – certainly not the one in which you could see such a huge financial contribution.

How will it be with Star Citizen? This is an excellent question that is still difficult to answer. The more they happen the money goes to two separate productions at the moment – the Squadron Squadron 42 and Star Citizen and sandbox online. Destiny 42 will be the first in our hands, but when will we see the final version of Star Ctiziena? Your speculations are as good as mine. At the moment, the creators of the game organize a free week with their production. On November 23-30, everyone will be able to control the game in action discovering, among other things, the first planet to be played in the game – Hurston and flying every available spacecraft.

One thing is for sure – to enjoy the Citizen Star a good control will be usefulwhich can be used, for example, in another venue, which will make its debut in 2019, ie the Outlaw Galaxy Outlaw:

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