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Wrocław: The police are looking for people who have set fire to the course


  • The police have already interviewed five people who illegally started their explosions during Wroclaw's trip. 32 other people suspected of the same
  • The man who had to throw flames and bottles on people is always desirable by the police. 5,000 have been assigned for his help. PLN rewards
  • Already during the course, police arrested six people suspected of displaying banners with prohibited content

The image of this man, who had to throw dangerous objects (flares and bottles) on people during the course in Wroclaw, was published by the police on Monday. For help in his understanding, the commander of the Lower Silesian Police appointed 5,000. PLN rewards. Nevertheless, his identity has not been established to date.

Photo: Matt. Politics / Press Material

The police are looking for this man

Police officers have already identified five people who fired illegally during the course. It is known that some of them reported themselves to the police. – These people have been questioned about the suspicion of using pyrotechnic materials – says Łukasz Dutkowiak, a representative of the Wrocław Police Headquarters.

In the same case, the police are still searching for 32 people. Images of all people can be found on the Wroclaw police website.

March nationalists

Let's recall that the first launches were launched even before March of Independent Poland started from the central railway station in Wrocław. The next came when the move began – then the organizers, including Piotr Rybak and Jacek Miëdlar, were murdered for the first time.

Later, there were unified shooting incidents, and there were also "Ole, Islam pier ***", which had nothing to do with the holiday holidays.

At the height of ul. Swidnicka participants walked along with their rivals, who organized a demonstration with the slogan "Nationalism is not patriotism." Both teams were separated from a police cord. Obstacles have also been set so that no one can reach from side to side. But he did not help. The crowds, the fireworks and the flares dug from the crowd of nationalists in counterattacks. In this way, two people were injured and needed medical attention. Also injured police officer. But even after this incident there was no reaction from public observers.

The course is not interrupted and continues, straight into the market square. The organizers' speeches began there. – I invite you friends, brothers and sisters for a holy war against evil, with the enemies of their homeland. This is our time, because we are not dealing with Communists, traitors. We are the future of the nation. You are the basis for the future. Long live Poland. Under the community, "cried Jacek Miëdlar.

Only after the opening of speeches at the market square was the process resolved. The organizers had no problem completing it, they kept talking. – Such idiots are trying to dictate the conditions and decide whether we can celebrate Polarity or not. I have them deep d ***. I have these stupid Brussels artists and their artistic, liberal propaganda – said Jacek Miëdlar. – Remove the yarmulke, Dutkiewicz take off the yarmulke – shouted.

Balance of course

Altogether, during the course of police, the police arrested six people suspected of spreading prohibited content. In addition, after the dissolution of the assembly, the officers were able to identify about 250 people.

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