Thursday , June 8 2023

BALL – Referee used "stone, paper, scissors" to decide the kickoff and is now suspended (England)


An arbitrator was postponed for three weeks – 21 days – to decide to start a women's championship using the "stone, paper, scissors" game and not a coin.

This happened with David McNamara in Manchester City – Reading on the other 26. You forgot the currency – usually used to decide the field and start with the captains – at the seaside resort.

The football association reports to the cast that the referee acknowledged that "he has not acted in the best interests of the game. A coin is a requirement according to the laws of the game.

Joanna Stimpson, referee director at the Federation, said it was a "crazy" decision of the referee, but she understood. "He was forgotten about the currency at the resort, and at that moment, with the game being broadcast on television, it was out of time. He should have been better prepared, unprofessional," he told The Times.

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