Thursday , June 8 2023

BLUE – "Bruno de Carvalho ordered the abduction of Bruma" (Sporting)


His class is Cátio Baldé, director of the striker who claims to have been "the first victim of Bruno de Carvalho and the Juve Leo army."

It all happened in the summer of 2013 "after the finish with Sporting and the first days of Bruno Carvalho's term". A "leak of information" led Juve Leo to "inject" the nearby hotel where the player was in Sete Rios.

"When Bruma arrived at the new Mercedes, it just came out of the car surrounded by Juve Leo lions, bronze, tattoos and bald boys. The first Bruma discussion" you have to accompany us because President Bruno de Carvalho wants to talk to you, Cátio Baldé reminded him in a note sent to the newsrooms.

Living "the biggest nightmare of an 18-year-old can live," Bruma got into the car and quit the IC19. During the escape, he called Cátio Baldé and Bebiano Gomes and said he was "a persecuted and victim of an abduction attempt by supporters of sport." The entrepreneur and the lawyer were quick to help and Monte Abraão / Massamá faced the persecutors. "Bruma must go and talk to the president," they replied.

While Bruma and Baldé protested with the alleged members of the cheer for leonine, Bebiano Gomes called the police. "When they realized the arrival of the PSP, they entered the cars and left without leaving clear messages to me and Bruma, threatening to catch us," the agent reminded, who later led the player to participate in the incident at the beginning.

"Because of this situation, and while we decided to end, we decided to leave Portugal for security reasons, working for three weeks in Dubai awaiting the decision," Cátio Baldé reminded before shooting:

"It was very clear that Bruno de Carvalho ordered Bruma's kidnapping to be transferred to the stadium with clear intentions to force him to sign the new contract. I myself persecuted and threatened at Campo Grande.

A confirmation that came later: "After the decision that did not recognize the termination request, I met Bruno de Carvalho and came to an agreement for the transfer to Galatasaray of Turkey. At these meetings, alone with Bruno de Carvalho, he confessed to me that this state of affairs with the supporters was only to be afraid and to talk with Bruma. "

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