Tuesday , October 4 2022

Marinho Pinto calls Cristina Ferreira as "little girl"


Marino Pinto was Friday morning, November 16th, in conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha in the program You on TVof TVI, and he did a few words that were not indifferent to those of the studio. The MEP has joked with the rich superiors of the presenters and even named a name Full professional proficiency which left everyone with their mouths open: a little shit.

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"I was told that we would have won 100,000 euros!", Said Marinos Pinto to Manuel Luís Goucha. In which the presenter responds in a jokeous way that "sinned underneath." "It's a lot more," he laughed. "Oh well, I was very anxious if you won less than the little bitch that was here and went to SIC," said the MP, referring to Cristina Ferreira.

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