Wednesday , October 5 2022

Need help stopping smoking? Try one of these applications Addictions


Do you want to stop smoking for a long time, but do you always have an excuse (though not always easy)? Now it will be even harder to avoid: we know that removing an addiction can not be easy, so we chose five mobile phone applications that will send you mobilizing messages, suggest relaxation exercises to avoid recurrences and even money you save. Take advantage of the guise and take this Saturday, November 17th, a day of yours – the Non-Smoker Day.

Firstly, there are figures: according to World Health Organization (WHO) Director of the World Health Organization's Tobacco Control Program, Kristina Mauer-Stender, one in five Portuguese and more than 15 smokers. Of these, 80% "wanted to quit smoking, but only 5% could give up without medical help," says Ana Patrícia Dias, president of the Union Internists of General Medicine and Family Neighborhood AIMGFZN) in a statement. There is more: every year, smoke kills more than 11,800 Portuguese and contributes to one death every 50 minutes, as the 2016 statistics say, published in site of the National Health Service (SNS). Does it sound scary?

If you are a smoker and want to stop participating in these alarming numbers, get the phone and install one of these free apps:

Nothing more motivated than seeing how many hours you do not smoke, how many cigarettes do you smoke and how much money you have already saved. This app does all this, and it still tells you how to improve your health as you go up – that is, the more you stay without smoking. If you are going to stop, ask for help and the application will give you tips and incentives to overcome your desire. And do not worry, there is no limit to crying for help.

This app can be for you – or for someone who wants to help you: there is a program for smokers and carers. You can install it if you stop smoking or if you want to reach that goal. Then calculate the smoked cigarettes, save money and save time (yes, smoking takes up a significant part of your time). This app, except the Emergency Button, allows you to enter one chat and talk to people in the same situation as you: in the end, unity is power.

Stopping smoking to have money to make a mini holiday can be a good tactic. This app allows you to set goals and track the remaining time to complete them. Curiosity, smoking information, encouragement messages and body changes: with this application until you know how long your lashes need to be regenerated.

If nothing works with you, you can try a hypnosis method. Quit Smoking offers a number of tracks – which you have to start listening to before stopping – which will explain why you should leave addiction at the same time as "planting" your subconscious. Maybe you have to replace yours playlist these zones, because it app recommends listening several times.

If you can not control yourself with it app You have to learn. Lessons and exercises to relax and learn to control desire, everyday goals and control of the will to smoke are some of the remedies you can get. In addition, the desire to quit counts how much you feel like smoking and trying to figure out what caused it. Then offer yourself the two obvious choices: smoking or resistance. The same as you have after reading this text.

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