Wednesday , May 31 2023

Paul McCartney accuses John Lennon of causing The Beatles to collapse


In an interview with BBC Radio, musician Paul McCartney reconsidered the Beatles’ split, blaming John Lennon for the band’s disappearance.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s “This Cultural Life” program on October 23, McCartney claims that John Lennon wanted to disband The Beatles.

“I didn’t try to split up,” McCartney said. “It was our Johnny who did it.”

Fans of the group have always debated who was responsible for the group’s split, and many have blamed McCartney. Paul McCartney now clarifies that Lennon’s desire to “cut ties” was the main reason for the separation.

The confusion over the collapse of The Beatles resulted in the group’s manager asking members of the group to remain silent until a number of trade deals were completed.

The interview appears to be a presentation of a six-hour documentary by Peter Jackson, which captures the band’s final months.

“The Beatles’: Go Back” is expected to be released on Disney + in November and will revisit the breakup of the legendary band. Paul McCartney’s comments were published by The Observer and the Associated Press.

McCartney objected to John Wilson’s question about the group’s decision to disband: “Stop there. I’m not the one who caused the separation. Oh, no, no. One day John went into a room and said, ‘I’m leaving The Beatles.’ encourages or not? “

Paul McCartney is still saddened by the breakup of the band, given that the band is doing “very good things”.

“It was my band, it was my job, it was my life.” I wanted it to continue, “said McCartney.

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