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Review: Spyro Reigned Trilogy


Twenty years ago, Insomniac Games, the company that produced this year's "Spider-Man" game, drew attention to PlayStation with its nice "Spyro the Dragon". The little dragon became one of the mascots on the platform next to the Crash Bandicoot, which was renewed in 2017 with a new version of today's consoles.

In 2018, it was Spyro's turn to take this treatment with the "Spyro Reignited Trilogy" collection. In addition to the first franchise game, the pack features "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage" and "Spyro: Dragon of the Year".

The three games have been upgraded by Toys for Bob, responsible for the Skylanders series. It republished the more than 100 levels that existed in the original trilogy and made a necessary upgrade of the controls, which now have full analogue directional support and a smoother camera.

But the main feature of "Spyro Reignited Trilogy" is the modern look that has taken the toys. Games for Bob used the "Unreal Engine 4" graphics engine to recreate all the games that look like home at the current consoles.

The trilogy returns with colorful looks and great fun Image: Playback

The scenarios and characters of the trilogy were already colorful and charismatic back in the days of the first Playstation, and that was not lost in the remake, which in detail the designs brought even more colors to the games.

Even in the technical section, the soundtrack of the game has been transformed for modernity, but nostalgic have the choice of choosing the sounds of original games. The PlayStation trilogy is made up of Stewart Copeland, the former drummer of The Police.

For those who do not know the series, the games feature Spyro and his friend Sparx, a dragonfly. The two events in various kingdoms in the dragon world and their mission in the first title are to save other dragons who were frozen by a murderer of Gnasty Gnorc.

The second game in the trilogy introduced new characters, like the hunter hunter, in addition to the introduction of a new villain, a little dinosaur cheerleader named Ripto.

Despite the innovations in the cast, the game retained a structure similar to that of the first game. In the game, Spyro has acquired some new skills, such as swimming under water, climbing stairs and power-ups.

Already the third game of the pack has as a main competitor a dinosaur, known as Magic, having as apprentice Bunny Bianca. The duo is responsible for stealing eggs from the dragon world.

The remake of the trilogy keeps the figures and engineers that made the little dragon a huge success in the late 90's. Be sure the puffs of fire, racing and throbbing are back in all their glory by keeping their classic controls in a 3D environment.

But watch the enemies. If they are too large, the horn (which also serves to open some treasure treasures) will not be enough, just as the fire attack can be prevented by shields or metal plates used in the body of some opponents. These variations require a more complex strategy, forcing the player to adopt alternative approaches, such as attacking monsters from behind, where they are more vulnerable.

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Spyro and his partner Sparx face a number of enemies Image: Revelation

As you would expect from a dragon, Spyro is able to slip after jumping to reach new areas, and he can even fly through the levels. In addition to the dragon, the player has to take care of the Sparx Dragonfly, which needs to be fed well, because it is the one that guarantees the Spyro points and protects the protagonist.

When you get damaged or fall into the water, you will cause Sparx to lose its color and disappear, leaving Spyro vulnerable, so it's important to keep the dragonfly well by eating butterflies produced by small animals such as rabbits , sheep and chickens.

The different kingdoms of the first three franchise games have been restored and are full of dragons, precious stones and eggs, which are the collectible items required to achieve 100% progress in each stage. To advance history, you have to fulfill a series of goals given by the employee, who differ from the realm in the kingdom.

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The pack refreshes the graphics of classic games, keeping them dedicated engineers Image: Revelation

The trilogy allows you to link a map to the options menu, which helps a lot in exploring the different areas.

In addition to the graphics, sound and controls, the package is fully in Portuguese. Copy is great and all text content is in our language, including menus – sometimes you might think you are watching cartoons.

"Spyro Reignited Trilogy" brings together a huge amount of content divided into the three games of the pack, which preserve the nostalgia of who was playing the original titles of the purple dragon. The collection was lovingly treated by Toys for Bob, who is modernizing the trilogy in a way that appeals to franchise fans as well as beginners.

Spyro's target audience is more childish, but Spyro Reignite Trilogy is also targeted at veteran players looking for a game to spend relaxed hours watching TV without worrying about shots, explosions, or intricate stories.

Note: 9

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