Friday , March 31 2023

The Ministry of Health will undertake a legal analysis of the prolonged strike of nurses


The Health Ministry is carrying out a legal analysis of the protracted nursing strike that is being prepared in several surgical sites, the Health Minister of Lisbon said today.

Speaking to reporters after more than six hours of parliamentary debate on the health budget for 2019, Marta Temido said the "legitimacy of the strike in shape" should be assessed, stressing that "there are issues that need to be addressed ".

Asked if the legitimacy of the strike would be questioned, the Minister chose to point out that what should be assessed is the legitimacy of the strike in the way it is being considered.

"We need to look at the ways in which the strike enters into force and that the right to strike does not outweigh the right to health," he said, but said he had respected the legitimate right to strike.

Marta Temido has already taken on MEPs' concern about the nursing strike, which has been threatening to paralyze surgeries in five public hospitals by the end of the year.

The minister believes the strike has "extreme measures" and is "extremely aggressive".

Marta Temido again said that the strike to be tackled has extreme aspects and that the consequences of the strike are "analyzed" and how the exercise of the right to strike is in conflict with patients' rights.

Beyond the prolonged duration, as the strike is scheduled to last more than a month, this nursing strike presents an innovative aspect of paralysis in Portugal, as a group of nurses is a fund to fund workers compliant with a strike

It is a mutual fund open to those who want to contribute money, a matter not mentioned by Marta Feido.

To date, more than 350,000 euros have been collected and the goal was to strike 300,000 in three surgeries: the Coimbra University Hospital, São João in Porto and Santa Maria in Lisbon.

The nursing movement expanded the collection of funds to extend the paralysis to two more functional departments: Setúbal and Centro Hospitalar do Porto.

Nurses are calling for a better pay and decent career, noting that they have not gone on for 13 years.

The two syndicates who issued the notice allowing this interruption, which initially started with a spontaneous nursing movement, show that the strike will be from November 22 to late December.


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