Monday , May 29 2023

Belgian doctors leave the injured young man on Neamt Square on Monday



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The young man was seriously injured after the piatra neamti explosion in Belgium. It could not work for the state.

Belgian doctors have announced that the patient needs stabilization treatment and will work on Monday. He's in this terrible state after he ignited his father, where gas was accumulating.

Sorina Pintea, the health minister, said on Friday that a young man burned in Piatra Neamt, who was hospitalized in Belgium, has a 50% chance of survival and can not operate because she is in a very serious condition.

"Five minutes ago I got the last report (…) 50 to 50 years, that is, the odds, could not be operated, just clean the wounds, because it's still very serious, but the doctor who watches is optimistic in the case, if its condition is very serious, "said Sorina Pintea, Agerpres announced.

The young man was taken to hospital in Belgium, which burned 70% of the body surface after the Piatra Neamt block, which was on Wednesday.

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burnt<! – burnt ->

Seymour Hersh, the Pulitzer Prize winner

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