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Cristi Chivu is attacked by the man who discovered it. "Why is not Cristişor making us a football academy?" »


Cristi Chivu, the former governor of the Romanian national team, was attacked by John Sdrobis, the man who discovered him and promoted him to big football. The one known as "Teacher" claims that her former defender Inter broke the relationship with him and explained why.

Ioan Sdrobis (72) argues that Cristi Chivu, Inter Milan coach U14, did not want to keep in touch with him as he planned to build an academy like Gica Hagi.

Cristi Chivu, who attacked the man who discovered it. What John Sdrobis says

"Let God give him health. I have not fought and will not disagree with anyone in my life. I had my explosions, but I do not mind. He did not even call me for my birthday. Should I call him, my age? I once said I forgive him for all the sins he did willingly or unwillingly. When he arrived at Ajax, in his first interview he reported 24,000 times. He said thanks to me, thanks to Neel Nelu … John Sdrobis and Emerich Ienei.

Why does Cristişor not make a football academy? Years ago I told him that I coordinated everything and when he came to the country he found it in the key. There would be something for Hagi. Mircea (Mircea Chivu, Cristi's father) was my second believer, it was one of the usual. I sit down and think about who the kid is like! I would give Cristi a post to see what he was doing. I have this box, I have roses and maybe she wants to see. I would be really happy if he answered me if he was conscious" said Ioan Sdorbiş for Prosport.

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